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K-celebrities now 2 Updated: 2012-02-29 00:00:00 KST

Seungho, Joon, G.O, Cheondung, and Mir together represent one of Korea's favorite idol groups, MBLAQ.

[Interview : ] "Hello Arirang Today viewers! We're MBLAQ."

MBLAQ has prepared a special fan meeting to thank their fans for their undying support. Arirang Today joined in the fun.

MBLAQ's official fan club, "A+," was one of the driving forces behind MBLAQ's astonishing success after their debut in 2009.

[Interview : ] "They sing and dance well! They're really talented."

[Interview : ] "MBLAQ! Go! Go!"

What is it about MBLAQ that drives these girls crazy[Interview : ] "MBLAQ is like my family!"

[Interview : ] "MBLAQ is my heart!"

[Interview : ] "MBLAQ is my family!"

[Interview : Cheondung, Member
MBLAQ] "My fans are my treasure!"

[Interview : Mir, Member
MBLAQ] "They're like food. You can't live without them."

[Interview : Joon, Member
MBLAQ] "When I see fans waiting for us outside in the cold, like they are now, I really want to tell them to come in. I feel so bad that I can't."

MBLAQ exploded onto the K-pop scene after being hand-picked and groomed by world star Rain. Their new track, "It's War," has swept the charts, and became the opening performance for this fan meeting.

[Interview : ] "It's war! You're a coward! Wait and see"

[Interview : ] "Hello, we're MBLAQ!"

[Interview : Seungho, Member
MBLAQ] "We know we've kept you waiting."

[Interview : ] "Yes!"

MBLAQ has many surprises in store for their fans today, from games to a talk show!

[Interview : Cheondung, Member
MBLAQ] "We have a lot of fun things prepared, other than our performances. We'll have a good time."

These days, everyone is talking about how MBLAQ celebrates when they are ranked 1st on the charts, from somersaults to side kicks!

[Interview : Seungho, Member
MBLAQ] "That was a promise to our fans. Before our comeback, we were talking to our fans on our fan club website, and we promised to do something for them if our song ranked first. Our fans started sending in ideas, and that's where we ended up."

MBLAQ has fans all over the world, and we asked which member was most popular where.

Who's the most popular in South America[Interview : Mir, Member
MBLAQ] "Yes, it's me. Our fans in South America love me because I look like Ronaldinho, like I'd be good at soccer."

Next up is Southeast Asia! Drumroll, pleaseand the unanimous winner is Cheondung!

[Interview : Seungho, Member
MBLAQ] "Cheondung looks like royalty. He's like a prince straight out of a comic book. That's probably why our fans in Southeast Asia love him so much."

Now it's time for home ground, in Koreaand it looks like G.O picked himself!

[Interview : G.O, Member
MBLAQ] "Rather than thinking that I'm the most popular member, I just have confidence in myself!"

[Interview : ] "♬ You runnin' ah ah ah ah!"

MBLAQ is on their way to surpassing the success of even their mentor, Rain. Keep your eyes on these five stars as they continue to lead the Korean Wave all over the world!

Arirang Today viewers! This has been MBLAQ. We hope that you have a great 2012 filled with happiness. Thank you!


They had a soft beginning but now there's not stopping them.
They're talent is being recognized more and more. So they're not just some ordinary band.
Well up next we're going to talk about sports medicine Korean style.
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