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In a pitch-black room, a woman sits, terrified, as a thief ponders his next move. But their conversation is a little out of the ordinary.

[Interview : ] "You have to tie the rope tight."

[Interview : ] "Hang on. I'm making sure I don't hurt you."

Jang Deok-bae [장덕배] is a clumsy, novice thief who brings detailed notes on how to rob a house without hurting anyone.

[Interview : Ryu Deok-hwan, Actor] "The character Jang Deok-bae is supposed to be very tall. As you can see, I don't really look the part, but I'll do my best to play the role."

Yu Hwa-i is the kind victim of the robbery who does her best to help out, telling Deok-bae the location of her emergency cash stashes.

[Interview : Ye Ji-won, Actress] "The most important thing to remember is that in the play, I'm 25."

[Interview : Ryu Deok-hwan, Acto] "Ji-won is 25, and I'm 26. There's a little romance there."

The play "Clumsy People" tells the story of a confusing night in which ill intent struggles to win against good hearts.

[Interview : Ye Ji-won, Actress] "I hope that our performance can make our audience laugh. Thank you."

"Clumsy People" drew wide attention with its star-studded cast, but there was someone else on the production team who drew fans in his own right.

[Interview : No Hyeong-rae, Audience member] "I saw online that the play was directed by Jang Jin."

[Interview : Yoo Sun-ja, Audience member] "Isn't he a movie director[Interview : No Hyang-hui, Audience member] "I heard that his original specialty was theater directing, and I was interested."

From movies and TV programs to theater, Jang Jin has done it all. He's created his own
unique brand of comedy that has earned him a steady following in Korea.

[Interview : Jang Jin, Director] "It's not supposed to be serious material. There's slapstick comedy from beginning to end, lots of dialogue, and conflict between the characters. All of this creates a lot of noise and comedy throughout the play. There's nothing to particularly worry about."

The cast of "Clumsy People" is a mix of experienced stars and new debuts. Jang Jin says that he always tries to give opportunities to new, talented actors to be a part of his projects.

[Interview : Jang Jin, Director] "Please help promote new actors who are just starting out, and other theater pieces as well."

"Clumsy People," created by a star director and a strong cast, is a chance for the audience to escape the routine of everyday life and unwind with laughs.

Full of imagination and wit, "Clumsy People" is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Charming the show seems to have a lot of unexpected twists and laughs.
And the performance is being played right in the heart of Seoul's theater district of Daehagno so it's perfect show for a night out.
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