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Introducing the greatest love story ofour time

If you're expecting a typical lovey-dovey story between Ha Jung-woo and Kong Hyo-jin, you're in for a real surprise.

This is no ordinary love story!

"Love Fiction" presents the audience with the good and bad of love and relationships in the real world.

On February 20th, "Love Fiction" had its VIP preview.

The premiere was filled with stars eager to watch "Love Fiction."

[Interview : Song Yun-a, Actress] "Spring is almost here, and I hope "Love Fiction" will be big hit!"

Shin Min-a follows in after Song Yun-a. She and Kong Hyo-jin are well-known as being close friends.

[Interview : Shin Min-a, Actress] "I was invited today by Kong Hyo-jin. I think the movie's going to be so much fun. Go "Love Fiction"!"

[Interview : Son Ye-jin, Actress] "Good luck to "Love Fiction!" Hyo-jin and Jung-woo, I'm really looking forward to the movie! It's going to be a huge success."

Male stars were on the red carpet as well! Jang Hyuk and Jo Jin-woong were there.

[Interview : Jang Hyuk, Actor] "Jung-woo invited me to come today. He's been telling me that it's a fun movie even before they went into filming. I'm really looking forward to the movie, and I hope I enjoy myself. Go "Love Fiction"!"

The seats are filled with an excited audience. Shin Min-a is also seated and waiting.

The cast of "Love Fiction" arrives in the theater!

[Interview : ] "Hello, I'm Ha Jung-woo."

It must have been hard to park today. Thank you for coming, and relax and enjoy the movie.

In the movie, the two characters, Ju-wol and Hui-jin , meet as if by fate.

[Interview : ] "Thank you."

[Interview : ] "You're welcome."

[Interview : ] "Are you Korean[Interview : ] "How'd you know[Interview : ] "Your pronunciation is pretty bad."

They begin their romance, and fill their days with happy memories.

[Interview : ] "I thought I had finally met the perfect girl!"

[Interview : Kong Hyo-jin, Actress] "The audience gets to see how a man changes at a certain point in the relationship. For guys, it's a chance to look back and think about the great girls that got away. For girls, it's a movie full of tips on how to keep a guy interested."

Then, reality hits.

[Interview : ] "Don't answer the phone in the bathroom."

[Interview : ] "What do you want from me

"Love Fiction" is a movie that reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of modern relationships! Catch it in theaters on February 29th.


The good and the bad it's almost like a tutorial.
It looks pretty accurate. I think I'd like to see it.
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