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Uiseong Black Garlic, the Strength of Korea Updated: 2012-02-17 00:00:00 KST

Korean SMEs play a crucial role in the national economy. According to the National Statistical Office, the small to medium enterprises in Korea account for 99.9 percent of all enterprises and 88.4 percent of all employees.

And so we have reporter Lina Kwon joining us in the studio to brief us on one of these small corporations.
Hello Lina. So what company will we be meeting today[Interview : Lina Kwon
Reporter] Hello Ji-hae, Sean.
This time, I traveled down to Uiseong in North Gyeongsang Province to take a closer look at their black garlic which is garlic that has been fermented for 30 to 45 days.

Now several researches in the past have shown that many fermented goods are quite nutritious… but the connotation of the word “ferment” has always been repellent.

Well, black garlic is nutritious, versatile, and tasty. So here’s a glimpse into the world of black garlic.

Garlic is recognized worldwide for its health benefits, and is considered among the top health foods in the world.

[Interview : Lina Kwon, Reporter
Arirang Today] "Although garlic is used in an array of dishes, the striking odor of garlic is still frowned upon. Well, what if garlic tasted sweet

[Interview : Lina Kwon, Reporter
Arirang Today] "The smell is so strong in here. I'm tearing up. Why is that[Interview : Won Yong-deok, President
Uiseong Black Garlic Farming Association ] "That's because of the garlic gas."

[Interview : Lina Kwon, Reporter
Arirang Today] "Can you show me what's inside[Interview : Won Yong-deok, President
Uiseong Black Garlic Farming Association ] "Shall we

[Interview : ] "The garlic is really black! Are you sure it's not burnt[Interview : ] "No. It is definitely not burnt."

[Interview : ] "But garlic is normally white!"

[Interview : ] "That's right."

[Interview : ] "That doesn't look very good."

[Interview : ] "Try it. You'll change your mind."

[Interview : ] "It's really sweet! And it's chewy, like jelly. How do you make garlic taste like this[Interview : Park Hyeon-jin, Professor of Food Bioscience and Technology
Korea University] "When raw garlic is fermented at high temperatures, various organic acids are produced. These organic acids are what create the sweet and sour taste of black garlic."

Fermented black garlic contains larger amounts of antioxidants than raw garlic.

Black garlic also contains more polyphenols than raw garlic, making it rich in anticarcinogens and nutrients.

[Interview : Park Hyeon-jin, Professor of Food Bioscience and Technology
Korea University] "Black garlic contains many important organic chemicals, among them S-allylcysteine , which is effective in fighting prostate cancer and is a strong antioxidant. It is also very stable in a number of different conditions, and is a very important factor in standardizing black garlic products."

Technology has enabled the production of this tasty and healthy Uiseong black garlic in extract and pill form for easy and convenient consumption.

[Interview : Won Yong-deok, President
Uiseong Black Garlic Farming Association ] "Studies have shown that Uiseong garlic is rich in particular nutrients that have allowed us to secure a unique patented technology. This is what makes Uiseong garlic superior to black garlic products produced by other companies and other countries."

How do consumers feel about Uiseong black garlic

[Interview : ] "How does the Uiseong black garlic taste[Interview : ] "It's sour but has a strong sweet taste, and it's easy to enjoy."

[Interview : ] "Have you noticed any differences in your health before and after eating black garlic[Interview : ] "My son was suffering from atopic dermatitis, and he's much improved after regularly eating black garlic."

Black garlic, with its variety of health benefits, is popular both in Korea and abroad.

[Interview : Ahn Gyeong-mo, Head of overseas marketing
Uiseong Black Garlic Farming Association ] "We are currently exporting to twenty countries, and we entered the Saudi Arabian and Indian markets last year. Our goal this year is to promote the excellence of Uiseong black garlic in the Brazilian, Spanish, and German markets."

Uiseong black garlic products are made with unique Korean technology. It is sure to become a brand that is beloved by health-conscious consumers all over the world.


Our studio smells like a kitchen this morning…

[Interview : ] Well, I thought it’d save us some time if I brought in the product and you had a chance to see for yourself…. And now that you have… what do you think

You mentioned through the video that black garlic is rich in polyphenols…just how much more of this organic chemical can be found in black garlic in comparison to regular garlic[Interview : ] That’s a great question black garlic contains more than six times the amount of polyphenols than the average raw garlic… which means that you can consume a significantly less amount with greater effects.

How else is the black garlic good for our body[Interview : ] Garlic is known to be rich in antioxidants and a natural remedy for lowering high blood pressure and high Low-Density Lipo-protein cholesterol… which is the bad kind of cholesterol you want to avoid…

But, according to Brian Han, who works in sales at a Black Garlic salesman in California , you must consume large doses of garlic in order to reap its benefits…. So they say the black garlic can solve this problem due to its milder scent.

Right. Now I hear that black garlic was originally intended to be used for medicinal purposes….can it be part of a culinary recipe[Interview : ] Certainly. In fact renowned restaurant chefs and food bloggers from all around the world have come up with creative ways to utilize the black garlic in an array of dishes… ranging from appetizer to main course…

It’s already in wide use in restaurants in San Francisco and New York.

All in all, the black garlic could be a great snack on its own as well as an ingredient for some mouth-watering recipes….

How does mashed black garlic cooked with balsamic vinegar and white wine sauce on seared scallops sound It sounds delicious actually

Thank you for joining us in the studio today. We'll see you again next week.

[Interview : ] It's been my pleasure.
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