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Around the World 02/10 - Morn Ed Updated: 2012-02-10 12:00:00 KST

Around the World 02/10 - Morn Ed
[Reporter : ] Star power can clearly provide a boost to your business.
Right, direct or indirect endorsement of celebrities can really make a difference.
There's a long list of products that never saw the light of day that became instant hit thanks to stars who swear by it.
[Reporter : ] Knowing full well their superpowers, some celebrities valiantly jump into new business realms, fuelled by their star status.

Jessica Simpson, the Olsen twins, Gwen Stefani and a former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.
What do they have in common In southern France, we have more victims of the bitter cold sweeping across Europe.
This time, pink flamingos fell prey to the freezing weather.
More than 50 of the birds were found dead in the past weeks.
Local firemen combed the ice and water for the bodies.
According to them the flamingos succumbed to the cold after being trapped in the frozen water.
Winds of over 120 kilometers-per-hour made it all the more impossible for these birds to flap their wings and flee the cold.
According to the League for Protection of Birds there always have been young flamingos weakened and killed by the cold but never in such tremendous numbers.
The fragile birds were bandaged in black cloth and put in large cartons to be transported.

Five hundred students celebrated their graduation from vocational training school.
Families and friends of the graduates joined in the celebrations, and it was an emotional moment for everyone involved.
The education system of Somalia has not been spared from the ravages of war.
Even during the graduation day, elsewhere in the nation, 11 people died in a suicide car bombing attack.
The Somali Youth League training course has clearly been providing a ray of hope for the nation.
For the people who struggle to survive in the Somali Capital, Mogadishu it's not easy to hold back the tears during the ceremony.
This free six-month vocational training course is offered to help students build a foundation for a better future.
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