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World's Love for Podaegi Updated: 2012-02-07 00:00:00 KST

Brad Pitt!

Gwen Stefani!


Hollywood stars are in love with podaegi, or Korean-style baby carriers!

Celebrities are not the only fans, either. Podaegi is, in fact, causing a hype among mothers worldwide.

Video clips on the internet show the great popularity of podaegi around the world. Some users even give instructions on how to use it.

Thousands of hits on these videos should reflect podaegi's success.

Podaegi is often used as a child's blanket or to carry it on your back.
It has garnered world-wide attention for its easy-to-use design.

Podaegi has actually existed for centuries, as Korea's traditional way of carrying babies.

Many people, however, looked down on podaegi as being backward and unsophisticated. This traditional garment, however,

is regaining attention in Korea.

This is an outlet mall in Gyeonggi Province that specializes in baby products.

They say there's been a boom of customers looking for podaegi as of late.

[Interview : Cha Mi-jin, Customer] "Podaegi is more comfortable, and the baby sleeps in it better, too. So we use it a lot at home."

[Interview : Kim Tae-jeon, Manager
Baby product outlet] "Podaegi, I think, is absolutely essential for people who have a baby in their households. You could use baby slings instead, but podaegi is more comfortable, and the baby likes it better, too. That's why a lot of people buy it."

Since regaining popularity, podaegi has been modified and enhanced to meet modern lifestyles.

But why is podaegi so popular these days[Interview : ] "You wanna give me a piggyback ride[Interview : Kim Min-jeong, Homemaker] "I used a baby sling when I had my first child. But when I had my second child, my mother-in-law recommended that I try podaegi. And it really was comfortable."

She immediately looks for her podaegi whenever the baby cries. Its greatest advantage, she says, is the entailed intimacy between her and her baby.

[Interview : Kim Min-jeong, Homemaker] "Podaegi holds us very tightly together. It feels as if the baby can hear my heartbeat."

During the 9 months of pregnancy, babies are surrounded by warm amniotic fluid and stay in close contact with their mothers' heartbeat.

Podaegi effectively reproduces this environment.

[Interview : Kwak Keum-joo, Professor of psychology
Seoul National University] "Babies experience great anxiety after being born. Being wrapped in a podaegi, however, allows them to listen to their mothers' heartbeat and feel close to them. This helps them restore the emotional stability that they once had in their mothers' uterus."

That's not the only advantage. Podaegi also facilitates the interaction between the mother and her baby.

How comfortable is podaegi compared to baby slings

First, it holds them tightly,

and makes it easier for the mother to work more efficiently.

That's why mothers around the world can't help but choose podaegi over baby slings.

[Interview : Kim Min-jeong, Homemaker] "Podaegi is a lot more comfortable and practical. I can use my arms freely and get things done more quickly. I also don't have to worry about my baby falling because we're held together very tightly. So it's comfortable for both me and my baby."

Despite its convenience, podaegi might be a challenge for first-time users.

But we'll show you how!

First, place the baby on your back, keeping it as close to you as possible. Then, wrap the baby in the podaegi and prop up its bottom using the strips. Tie the strips together, and you're ready to go!

Podaegi has been a hit among mothers worldwide. Why don't you try it yourself to see just why it is so popular


Were you wrapped in one as a child Yeah, I think everyone was back then.
Even in America I think my mom used this. I had cloth diapers even I think.
If you have kids, it's definitely worth a try. And you'll probably find out immediately whether your baby likes it or not.
Stay with us we'll be right back.
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