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Film Unbowed Creates Nationwide Stir on Fair Trial Updated: 2012-02-07 12:00:00 KST

Film Unbowed Creates Nationwide Stir on Fair Trial
The Korean film "Unbowed" has now become the center of attention in Korea,
drawing more than 2.5 million viewers since it opened in mid-January.
The film succeeded in reaching out to millions of viewers, as the film focuses on unfair and biased legal procedures.
Although this movie is based on a true story, it has created a stir nationwide on whether or not the plot has been exaggerated or even modified from the actual facts.

[Interview : Park Ye-seul, Student] "I saw the film with great interests, as the film is based on a true story. But I think it is very important to distinguish fiction from reality. If we believe only what the film depicts, we will have a biased perspective."

The Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court expressed their concerns over the misunderstandings this film might cause in Korea's society, and they announced that the film is indeed, exaggerated and fictional.
The Seoul Central District Court also held a special event on Monday, to dismiss any misunderstanding about the nation's legal system.

[Interview : Kim Byung-chul, Press & Planning Judge
Seoul Central District Court] "The judicial system can only exist with the trust of citizens. We are doing our best to earn people's trust,.. and to make trials as fair as possible.
However, we still lack people's trust on the legal system, and we wanted to hear what people think through this occasion."

[Interview : Kim Woo-ja, Participant] "Today I felt grateful. There are so many people who retain grudge over their trials, and this kind of event was really necessary, for those people's voices to be heard. Through continous efforts to listen to the people's voice and opinions, I believe Korea will become better country."

Film critics are already praising the film, as it succeeded in reflecting a social issue through the big screen..

[Interview : Yu Gi-na, Professor
Dongguk University ] "Although this film is based on an actual case,.. it is still a created feature. This film is not only about the specific case but it also questions whether Korea's legal system is too authoritative,.. and whether it truly represents the people. I believe this film is a good example of a film that fulfills its social function of reflecting social issues."
Just like last year's film "The Crucible" which left a huge impact on Korean society regarding the rights of the disabled, "Unbowed" puts the issue of fair trials on the table.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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