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A Second Life, a Second Passion Updated: 2012-02-06 00:00:00 KST

A sexy pole dance teacher who fixes motorcycles on the side.

A kind and gentle chef who transforms into a pro wrestler after work!

Let's find out more about how they lead their double lives, completely transforming between night and day.

At a motorcycle shop, someone is hard at work. She seems to be an expert in motorcycle maintenance.

[Interview : ] "It's not so much a job as a hobby. I've had my bike for a while, so now I do a lot of the repairs myself."

She calls it a hobby, but her skills are almost professional.

[Interview : Moon Seung-su, Owner of a motorcycle shop] "She does all her own repairs. She could probably open her own shop."

She speeds down the roads on her bike like a pro racer.

In Seoul, a motorcycle is the best way to get through heavy traffic. Han Ga-hwa weaves through the cars effortlessly.

She still has more to show us.

What does she do here[Interview : Han Ga-hwa, Pole dance teacher] "Everything I do is important to me, but pole dancing is my favorite. It's what I've always wanted to do."

She started pole dancing as a hobby, but fell so in love with it that she decided to become a teacher.

[Interview : Kim Mi-hyeon, Pole dance student] "It's impossible to slack off. She teaches with such passion, and you feel like you have to keep up with that passion."

She has a specific goal in mind for her pole dancing career, and she uses every free moment to practice on her own.

[Interview : ] "There's a pole dancing championship held every year. It hasn't come to Korea yet, but I hope to enter that contest someday and even rank among the top dancers. I also hope that more people will come to learn about pole dancing."

We met another person leading a double life in a restaurant.
The man of the hour is in charge of the kitchen.

[Interview : ] "Hello."

[Interview : ] "Yes, hello. "

Ahn Jae-hong, a man who lives each day in two half-days

All the food served here is made by him.

[Interview : Ahn Jae-hong, Chef ] "It was my dream to become a cook. That dream came true."

Every day, before the restaurant opens, Ahn Jae-hong shops for the groceries himself. He began his work as a cook late, but he's eager to make up for lost years.

[Interview : ] "I insist on buying my own groceries. That's the only way I can verify they're fresh, and serve my customers with good food."

Ahn Jae-hong had originally wanted to become a chef directly after high school, but was unable to realize that dream until now.

[Interview : Park Chang-hyeon, Employee of a restaurant] "My boss[Interview : Lee Yun-hui, Employee of a restaurant] "He's like the Hulk. He's so kind when he's in the restaurant, but when he leaves he completely transforms."

The next day,

[Interview : ] "This is the real me. I wrestle for a living."

Ahn Jae-hong has spent the last 20 years as a professional wrestler, and even holds a championship belt. He is indeed, a well-recognized face in the wrestling world.

He is a particular favorite among Korean fans for his fancy techniques. In 2009, he went to Japan for a match, and found himself a fan base abroad.

One of his most memorable moments as a wrestler was when he appeared as a cameo in the movie "The Foul King."

[Interview : ] "My original dream was to become a chef, but I ended up getting into pro wrestling first. Wrestling was another one of my dreams. All little kids look up to wrestlers."

Even on days without a match, he continues to practice. Laziness is not in Ahn Jae-hong's dictionary.

[Interview : ] "I tell people this is my job, but this is also my dream and my passion."

[Interview : ] "I ended up working two jobs to support my family. I would have taken a third job if I had to. My family led me to pursue two separate dreams."

Next, we head to a pharmaceutical company where a product development meeting is underway. The CEO of the company, Oh Yeong-seok, is a man of two faces.

Oh Yeong-seok calmly directs the employees of his company throughout the day. He is an imposing, authoritative figure when he is at work.

But at heart, he is still a young man who loves to have a good time. He knows all of the latest hit songs, and believes that life should be fun.

[Interview : Park Jong-cheol, Employee of a pharmaceutical company] "He has an air of authority at work, but when he leaves at the end of the day, you see a whole new side of him."

[Interview : Kim Mi-ok, Employee of a pharmaceutical company] "He's like an “homme fatale."”

It's the end of the day, and the transformation begins.

He goes from CEO to a jackie spinning teacher.

Jackie spinning is a sport that changes the speed on a stationary bicycle to produce both cardio and weight workout. Oh Yeong-seok teaches jackie spinning in the evenings.

[Interview : ] "Staying fit is an important part of running a business. You need to be strong in both body and mind. I think it's especially helpful for coming up with new ideas."

He began jackie spinning as a hobby six years ago, but is now a certified master. He even created an amateur team at work, which entered a competition last year and took third place. Jackie spinning is a hard workout, and is enjoyable in a different way from work.

[Interview : ] "They say that the competitiveness of the future lies in diversity. I have some time left over in the day after work, so I wanted to use that to get some exercise and experience more diversity. I'm really enjoying myself."

Many people lead double lives filled with passion and dreams. We hope that all their wishes come true.


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