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Raising Awareness about the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Updated: 2012-02-03 00:00:00 KST

Today, nuclear terrorism poses a major threat to international security.

The heads of 50 states around the world are preparing for their second meeting to discuss nuclear security, but for most people, the Nuclear Security Summit is an unfamiliar and difficult idea.

It is important for people to understand the concept of nuclear security.

To raise more awareness about these issues, there are many people who are creating easy and accessible content explaining the importance of nuclear security.

Title: Nuclear Security is Important
- Comic book explaining the importance of nuclear security, raising awareness about the issue of nuclear security.

Korea is working hard to make the second Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, which is now only 50 days away, a forum of discussion for everyone, not just the heads of state who are to attend.

Students are also joining in the effort to promote the summit.

This is the opening ceremony for the Mock United Nations event at Korea University.

[Interview : Jeon Dae-eun, Participant in Mock Nuclear Security Summit] "We will invite speakers to the opening ceremony to speak about the importance of international organizations and of the Nuclear Security Summit."

A number of important figures from all circles of society were in attendance to encourage the students' efforts.

This year's Mock United Nations included 400 college students and high school students.

The four-day event also included a Mock Nuclear Security Summit.

[Interview : Jeong Seo-yong, Professor of Intl. studies
Korea University ] "We decided to have a Mock Nuclear Security Summit to give students more information about the Nuclear Security Summit that will be held in Korea in March, and to help them realize the importance of the Nuclear Security Summit. The agenda will discuss the role of the IAEA as an international organization central to the maintenance of nuclear security."

[Interview : ] "I had never really thought about nuclear security before, but preparing for the mock summit helped me realize how important nuclear security is."

[Interview : ] "It was an opportunity to learn about international organizations."

[Interview : ] "It was an experience unlike any other."

The mock meeting is carried out by high school students.

[Interview : ] " Now, I'd like to hand over to our chair, and we will start the official "

[Interview : ] " as we have told you, the delegates cannot abstain from the substantive votes."

The students present various ideas on how to prevent nuclear terrorism and maintain nuclear security.

As they prepare for the mock meeting and participate in debates, the students learn more about nuclear security and become increasingly interested in the Nuclear Security Summit coming up in March.

[Interview : Son Da-bin, High school student] "In order to have a successful debate, this community had to research the Nuclear Security Summit that happened in Washington and other related conventions and summits that the delegates from other countries had, so it was a great opportunity for me to learn about nuclear-related things."

[Interview : Jin Swann, High school student] "It was a very good experience for students because now they're in the rising 21st century. They face globalization, and they actually have to be aware of the fact that they should be a part of this world. In order for the world to be ruled by them, by their philosophies."

[Interview : Kim Jung Yoon, High school student] "learn to speak with people that I don't know, and alsoincrease my understandings in diplomatics and learn about other people."

Preparations for the Nuclear Security Summit are now underway with all of Korea joining the effort. We hope that it will be a successful summit that will bring more security to our future.
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