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On January 19th, a very special concert in Seoul featured Han Hyo-joo, Lee Je-hoon, and Hyorin! The audience members got to watch movies, talk with the stars, and listen to music. Let's check it out.

It's a weekday night, but this theater in Seoul is filled with excited fans. They're all headed to the same place!

[Interview : PD
] "Who did you come to see today[Interview : ] "Han Hyo-joo!"

[Interview : ] "Lee Je-hoon. He's so cute!"

[Interview : Oh Ju-yeong, Audience member] "Han Hyo-joo's smile is so beautiful."

[Interview : PD] "Why do you like Lee Je-hoon[Interview : ] "His great skin[Interview : ] "Han Hyo-joo is much better!"

The fans show Arirang Today the gifts that they've prepared for their favorite stars. Some bring flowers, others hand-drawn portraits, and it looks like this fan will literally give Han Hyo-joo the shirt off his back!

[Interview : Kim Yo-sep, Audience member] "I want to give her my everything! You can really tell that Han Hyo-joo is so refined and pure. I love you, Hyo-joo!"

But why is the concert being held at a movie theater[Interview : ] "Please give it up to Han Hyo-joo and Lee Je-hoon!"

As part of the concert, the audience will watch a movie that features Han Hyo-joo and Lee Je-hoon's acting, as well as Hyorin's singing.

[Interview : ] "Hello, I'm Han Hyo-joo."

[Interview : ] "Hello, I'm Lee Je-hoon. Thank you for coming."

TV drama star Han Hyo-joo meets rising movie star Lee Je-hoon for a new movie that had the fans of both stars very excited.

[Interview : Lee Je-hoon, Actor] "I was given the honor of various awards last year, and I knew that I had to live up to that honor by working harder in greater movies."

[Interview : Han Hyo-joo, Actress] "I will be in two movies in the early half of 2012. I'm busy these days preparing for those movies."

Before the movie, the stars spend a few moments chatting with their fans. Lee Je-hoon offers hugs to any interested fans. And he had one unexpected taker

[Interview : ] "Can I get a hug too[Interview : ] "How long have you been going out[Interview : ] "It's been 300 days."

[Interview : ] "Oh, so it's been almost a year!"

[Interview : ] "Tell us one thing that you like better about Han Hyo-joo than your girlfriend."

[Interview : ] "No comment."

Han Hyo-joo and Lee Je-hoon played a cute couple of their own in their short film, the first "intermovie" to be made in Korea. The first part of the film was made in September 2011, and Part 2 was revealed at the concert.

[Interview : ] "Never seen a pretty girl before[Interview : ] "What is Han Hyo-joo's ideal guy like[Interview : Han Hyo-joo, Actress] "Someone who really loves me, and it would be nice if he's handsome too."

[Interview : Lee Je-hoon, Actor] "My ideal type of girl is someone positive that I can talk to and share things with."

Next up, it's Hyorin, the main vocalist of Hallyu girl group SISTAR and the voice behind the intermovie's theme song, who has prepared a live concert for the audience.

[Interview : Hyorin, Member of SISTAR] "I heard that the story is a love story between Han Hyo-joo and Lee Je-hoon's characters, and the song itself is lovely as well. It took me a long time to figure out how to sing this song with my husky voice."

So did you enjoy this special concert with these three wonderful Hallyu stars
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