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We all have a bond that is unbreakable and unchangeable in our lives. And it's the bond of family.

[Interview : ] "Let's get married."

That is, unless you're in THIS family.

[Interview : ] "We just have to pretend you're a family! Without me, you would all be in an orphanage!"

[Interview : ] "One call from me, and you'll be deported!"

Let's meet the family of "Papa"!

[Interview : Park Yong-woo, Actor] "I'm Park Yong-woo, and I play “Chun-seop” in the movie."

[Interview : ] "I'm Go A-ra, and I play “Jun.” Hello."

Park Yong-woo and Go A-ra become family in "Papa."

[Interview : ] "We'll split the living costs, including rent. You pay 70%, we pay 30%. I can sue you anytime for child or sexual abuse."

[Interview : ] "If anything even close to that happens to me or the kids, I'll kill you."

A man has a fake marriage to be able to stay in the United States,

and the marriage comes with a group of children who must go into foster care without a father.

[Interview : ] "Don’t address me as “you!” Call me "Your Highness.""

[Interview : ] "Your Highness."

[Interview : ] "That's right."

The movie was filmed in the United States over two months, and while there were many difficulties, it was a project full of great memories.

[Interview : Go A-ra, Actress] "We filmed for two months on a Hollywood-style set. The first thing I needed to adjust to was greeting people with a hug."

[Interview : Go A-ra, Actress] "Eventually, I learned to hug when filming was over, hug when I saw someone, just hug everyone. That was a fun memory."

Everyone on set felt like family!

[Interview : ] "Scissors! Rock!"

[Interview : ] "The culture's very different. In English, we don't use honorific titles like we do in Korean, so that was something interesting to adjust to."

[Interview : ] "Guys, I'm a real actor, too."

[Interview : ] "He's my senior."

Go A-ra plays “Jun,” who takes care of six children of different ethnicities. Go A-ra says that she had to practice hard to portray her character, who dreams of becoming a superstar.

[Interview : ] "It was my first time trying out a powerful, masculine kind of dance. It required a lot of strength."

[Interview : ] "I was really nervous, and I didn't have very much time to practice."

“Jun,” a strong but emotionally scarred girl,

meets a man who is obnoxious and arrogant but surprisingly loving.

[Interview : Park Yong-woo, Actor] "If you think about it, everyone feels lonely. This movie will make you realize that and feel warm inside."

[Interview : Park Yong-woo, Actor] "You'll enjoy it whether you watch it with family or you come to watch it alone."

[Interview : ] "It's a very touching movie."

The family in "Papa" is one born out of necessity, but it becomes one that is nonetheless filled with love. The movie is sure to warm your heart this February.
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