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Cable System Operators to Stop Broadcasting KBS 2TV

Updated: 2012-01-17 12:00:00 KST
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Cable System Operators to Stop Broadcasting KBS 2TV

If you're a cable subscriber and your KBS 2TV was cut off Monday tonight -- you were one of the 15-million viewers across Korea affected by the re-transmission fee battle between cable and terrestrial companies.
The Cable TV Emergency Planning Committee on Monday announced that cable companies would no longer air KBS 2TV in both standard and high definitions starting 3 p.m.
And with no set date to lift this ban, many viewers are frustrated and not afraid to show it on various social networking services.
This ongoing re-transmission fee battle between system operators and Korea's three main broadcasting corporations, started in 2007, reaching a point in last November when KBS, MBC and SBS HD shows were unavailable to cable subscribers for eight days.

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