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[Interview : ] "I don't think that's right. That head is too small to be mine."

[Interview : ] "This isn't yours, Mr. Kang."

[Interview : ] "Just one more time"

[Interview : ] "How long do I have to live[Interview : ] "You could live up to three months."

A man and a woman are told on the same day that they will die in three to six months. They begin a new romance, knowing that their days are numbered.

[Interview : ] "Don't you have to go home[Interview : ] "You're supposed to stop me! Cry and cling to me, pretend to drown in the ocean!"

They begin to plan their funerals together, and in the process, slowly fall in love.

[Interview : ] "Should I get your endorphin pumping[Interview : ] "Endorphin[Interview : "Pacemaker"
Release Jan. 18
12-year +
Director: Kim Dal-jung
Starring: Kim Myung-min, Ahn Seong-gi, Ko A-ra]

Moviegoers looking for inspiration can head to this touching sports movie.

[Interview : Kim Myung-min, Actor] "I remember crying the first time I read the script. It was very emotional."

"Man-ho" is a marathoner who has always run to pace the other runners. While he is never a real contender for a medal, Man-ho, the "pacemaker," never lets go of his dream of completing a race.

Man-ho's conflicting emotions are portrayed beautifully by renowned actor Kim Myung-min.

[Interview : Kim Myung-min, Actor] "My character, "Man-ho," is a person who is happy when he runs, who is grateful that he can run, and is happy. That makes me happy when I'm running as well, because I'm "Man-ho.""

Towards the end of his career, Man-ho begins to run for the fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

[Interview : ] "Don't you know why you're here[Interview : ] "I have to finish this last race, for me."

Man-ho finally begins to run for no one but himself, and starts to chase his dream of completing the full distance.
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