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The New Hallyu in 2012 Updated: 2012-01-04 00:00:00 KST

Hallyu, or Korean Wave, is expected to continue expanding in 2012. Let’s meet the next leaders of Hallyu!

At a theater in Jongno,

the cast of this performance are fully immersed in an intense rehearsal.

[Interview : Lee Yeong-ho, Cast of “JUMP”] "You need to be a good jumper to be in "JUMP.""

"JUMP" is a martial arts performance that began in 2002 and is currently in its 10th year. Because there are no dialogues, it can easily appeal to audiences from around the world.

[Interview : Han Gyeong-a, CEO
Show&Arts Inc.] "2012 is a year when "JUMP" will venture into the European market. We're going to start the Rock&Roll Tour in Hamburg, Germany, and go around all of Europe."

Instead of talking, actors express themselves with powerful movements.

[Interview : ] "Was that easy[Interview : Kim Se-mi, Cast of “JUMP”] "Hello. I'm Kim Se-mi in "JUMP." I'd like to thank everyone who came from abroad to watch and enjoy our performance. We'll continue to march on until everyone around the world has seen our show!"

The theater is already jam-packed. To this date, 3 million people from around the world have seen the show.

[Interview : John, Audience member
USA] "From what I've heard, I know it's a martial arts show. That's about it."

The show has finally begun! Actors stage a stunning performance that incorporates various Asian martial arts including taekwondo.

It engages audience members With occasional comic sketches

and acrobatics! With a solid plot and bold movements, the show takes the audience's breath away.

[Interview : ] "It was so much fun."

[Interview : ] "I was impressed by all the jumping."

[Interview : Michelle, Audience member
USA] "Awesome. It was great. Loved it."

[Interview : John, Audience member
USA] "It was a lot of fun."

"JUMP" will continue leaping forward as the next leader of Hallyu.

Meanwhile In Chuncheon,

[Interview : ] "Cheers to the Year of the Black Dragon!"

a start-up animation production company is ready to present their creative work to Korea and the world. With "Cloud Bread," they've tossed their hat into the ring of the world's animated film market.

[Interview : Nam Jin-gyu, CEO
dps Co., Ltd.] "The reason why Korean animation is so well-received among children from around the world is because it's culturally and religiously neutral. That's why it worked in the global market."

The world has yet to see the advances Korean animators will make in 2012. With the success of “Pororo” and “Leafie,” the world has already changed its view on Korean animated films and characters. They are starting to cultivate a large customer base worldwide.

[Interview : Jo Hong-jun, Director
dps Co., Ltd.] ""Cloud Bread" received many positive reviews. It was nominated for the Annecy Intl. Animated Film Festival and won the Annie Awards in Hollywood."

K-pop maintains its status as the forerunner of Hallyu. Its popularity has long transcended national and cultural barriers.

These five hard-working individuals are practicing even during the New Year's holiday. They're Lay-T, who have just made their debut this year.

[Interview : ] "Hello everyone watching Arirang TV. We're Lay-T."

They're one of the hottest emerging artists in Korea.

To become the next Hallyu star, they must practice 24/7.

[Interview : ] "We need to be in sync here. Make a line."

The bars are getting high, so they must not let their guards down.

[Interview : Nara, Leader of Lay-T] "To prepare for our debut in Korea this January and to make it as a Hallyu star, we're practicing on Sundays, public holidays, and even on New Year's day."

Dance skills are a must.

[Interview : Areum, Member of Lay-T] "Can I try again

To build a fan base abroad, an excellent command in foreign languages is essential.

[Interview : Daeun, Member of Lay-T] "We're also studying foreign languages. We're very interested in learning about other cultures. And since we're aiming at the global market, we're making small steps toward that goal."

[Interview : Sarang, Member of Lay-T] "We mainly focus on disco-style music on our first album. They can pretty much attract all different generations. Even your dad and your friends can listen together."

[Interview : Nara, Leader of Lay-T] "We want to become the number one artist in Korea. That's why we're going to Japan. Wait for us, Japan!"

They are wary of any mistakes that might damage their career early on.

[Interview : Daeun, Member of Lay-T] "We're still not used to the mic. Sometimes we couldn't even hear our voices from the speakers."

[Interview : Daeun, Member of Lay-T] "Since then we became best friends with our mics."

[Interview : Daeun, Member of Lay-T] "We're better at it now, though."

[Interview : Daeun, Member of Lay-T] "We even tried to eat rice with it."

We look forward to their astonishing performances in 2012!

[Interview : Daeun, Member of Lay-T] "We wish the best luck for everyone watching Arirang TV and ourselves in 2012!"

[Interview : Areum, Member of Lay-T] "We hope Lay-T becomes so famous that everyone in Korea will recognize us."

[Interview : Woori, Member of Lay-T] "We'll be making our debut soon, so hang in there, Dad. Please stay healthy and wait for us. We're doing our best, so watch us on TV. I love you!"

With the emerging leaders in Korea's performing arts, animation, and music, Hallyu will continue its march into the year 2012.

[Interview : ] "Happy New Year to everyone watching Arirang Today!"

We certainly wish all of these projects the best of luck.
What should we say instead of break a leg break a wave Sure. They all seem like hard workers.
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