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One-on-One with Former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans on Nuke Issues Updated: 2011-12-16 12:00:00 KST

One-on-One with Former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans on Nuke Issues
[Interview : Gareth Evans, Fmr. Australian Foreign Minister ] "The most important thing that the summit can achieve is to re-engender some confidence in the global community about the future of the civil nuclear energy. We all know that that confidence has been rather shattered, after the Fukushima events. and I think bringing together at this time when we've had the time to draw the breath and develop some international momentum, we can get a whole bunch of countries clearly articulating commitments to a safe and secure nuclear framework for energy in the future. I think it will be very important. Let's face it. We are going to need, whether people like it or not, we are going to need nuclear energy in the future to meet the world's energy needs. It is very difficult to believe that the base load power generating capacity can be supplied just by renewables."

[Interview : ] "So, is it possible to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without generating fear[Interview : ] "Yes it is, but that does mean you have to address very systematically, consciously and very effectively the problems of nuclear safety and the problems of nuclear security, which exactly is the conference in Korea is all about."

[Interview : Camera: Lee Soo-bok, Chung Hong-jae, Choi Won-seok] "Earlier this year, President Lee proposed to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to take in part in NSS. What is your view on this[Interview : Gareth Evans, Fmr. Australian Foreign Minister ] "I think it is very good that North Korea has been invited. We can contain them. We can deter them. We can be very tough, when they are provocative, but we must always, as an international community, keep the door open to have them participate in members of the responsible international community. I doubt very much that North Korea will come to the summit, not least because the dates are for them very embarassing. And they know they will get a very hard time, if they come to Seoul. And just the following month, they have the big 2012 centennials, so I don't think that they will come. But I think it is very important that the invitation has been offered."

[Interview : Yoo Ji-hae ] "What do you make of the nuclear debate on double standards, as to allowing some countries to have or develop nulcear weapons, and prohibiting others from not possessing them[Interview : Gareth Evans, Fmr. Australian Foreign Minister ] "I have a very simple view. So long as any country possesses nuclear weapons others will want them. So, we can't live with double standards in perpetuaty. We can't live with a world, in which there are nuclear-haves and nuclear-have-nots. Nuclear arm states should get serious about disarmament, because unless they do, we are going to have this problem of other countries always believing that their security problems are just as real as those other countries, so why can't they get nuclear weapons. There will always be that temptation. And when you have the temptation, you have got a huge risk of life on this planet as we know it."
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