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2011 Korea Best Dresser Award Takes Place in Seoul Updated: 2011-12-14 00:00:00 KST

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On Monday Korea's most prestigious fashion awards ceremony, the Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards, took place in Seoul.
The event, which was attended by hundreds of people including fashion and business gurus, celebrities, and other distinguished guests,bestowed fashion awards to nominees in different categories.

And we now have Arirang News reporter Yang Ji-woo joining us in the studio to talk about the glamorous awards ceremony and its fashion performances.
Hi Ji-woo.

[Reporter : Yang Ji-woo] Hello guys, I think you guys, especially you Gun-yong, know a thing or two about fashion and style.
What you wear and how it looks can create various impressions on the people around you.
Korea's first male model Lee Jae-hyeon once said stylish fashion is not about buying clothes with high price tags.
He said it all comes down to wearing clothes that suit you, while maintaining self-confidence and a positive mind.
And the nation's iconic fashion awards event took place Monday evening and awarded some of the nation's most "fashionable" professionals for this year.
Let's have a look.

Since 1983, the “Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards” show has been the nation’s leading and most prestigious fashion event striving to celebrate the most distinguished individuals and professionals from the fields of entertainment, sports, business and politics.

[Interview : Lee Jae-yeon, President
Modelline] "We Koreans have our own distinct rhythms and colors, meaning that our fashion can appeal to the world. Fashion is not only related to clothing or garments it comprises all factors of creativeness which use the human senses including smell, sight, and hearing. Korean society is comprised of different professions or genres so this kind of awards show motivates the public to pay more attention to the fashion industry."
Lee said that when fashion designers or organizers ran their runways back in the '80s their events always led to tax probes afterwards.

For this year's award ceremony winners were not only judged on their styles, but also judged on their distinctive achievements and performances according to their careers.

But the highlight of the evening was the stagedfashion performance which was coordinated by this year's fashion designer award winner, Baidan.

[Interview : Jung Won-kyeong, Designer
Baidan] "We have huge potential in terms of detailing and dying garments, as well as the quality of fabrics. But we have to develop these skills further rather than just focusing on an inheritance."

The florescent colors and refined textures of Hanbok or Korean traditional clothes also made an appearance on the runway.


[Interview : Kim Ji-hyen, Video artist
] "We worked on images of Korea's folk-paintings and some images that convey the best of Korean tradition. The performance is based on three different themes including flowers, butterflies and simplicity. Through these elements, we tried to express the Korean beauty.

[Interview : Joseph Velez, IT specialist] "I think Koreans are setting a very good fashion, not only for Koreans but for every nation worldwide they set a very good trend. It's just like the K-pop. It has grown so much"

Monday's show awarded winners from various fields including celebrities, politicians, and sports players, including Korean K-Pop star Shinee member Choi Shi-won, and Korean actors and actresses, Park Hae-il and Moon Chae-won.

For the first time in its history the judges bestowed the best-dressed award to a foreigner in an international category.

[Interview : Nakata Hidetoshi, Soccer player
] "I am really honored because as I said on the stage it's my first ever award that I got specially in fashion. I love fashion, and that's why I am really happy to be here in Korea. I love Korea, so it's really wonderful."

The Korea Best Dresser Awards ceremony is a special venue, not only for distinctive individuals, but also to nurture the nation's highly creative and fruitful fashion industry.
So Ji-woo these fashion awards aren't just about fancy clothes or avant garde accessories but really highlight an overall style even simple ones.

[Reporter : Ji-woo] Yes, When we think of Steve Jobs standing on stage we think of him in black turtle-neck and jeans so setting a public imagination of him or herself makes a big different in your career and professions.
According to a recent survey conducted by an online recruitment agency, Career nearly 83 percent of men and women get stressed out because of their dress codes.
And with a little fashion savvy, you can learn to make your clothes work for you in representing yourself to others.

Thank you Ji-woo.
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