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Two teenage boys are bewildered and on the verge of panic. They look horrified. What's going on here[Interview : Lee Hu-rim, Audience member] "I don't think it's right to drop the problems all on teenagers."

[Interview : Song Jae-yeong, Audience member] "I hope he doesn't call the police."

[Interview : Oh Jong-u, Audience member] "I hope he can try to understand everything, since he's still young."

Min-jae [민재] and Sang-sik [상식] are two boys going through their turbulent adolescence. The play realistically looks at an incident they were involved in, and the worries that sprout from it.

[Interview : Kim Mun-seong, Actor] "My character climbs a platform in order to get revenge. On the pier, he fools around with a rock, and an accident takes place."

Their horseplay ends in a horrifying way.

The play constantly asks the audience how they look at and think of teenagers.

[Interview : ] "So, what if the driver in that car was your father[Interview : ] "Right. Children threw the rock by accident. However, the
windshield got hit. His eyeball got injured."

[Interview : ] "Inspector Park, what if your 14-year-old daughter was the one who threw the rocks[Interview : Nam In-u, Director] "
While there have been plays for teenagers, I think this play surpasses any previous preconception. I think the National Theater Company of Korea chose this play as its very first production because it attempts to answer how we should look at adolescence."

What began as a simple game turned them into criminals. The theme and plot are serious in nature. However, their comical acting and witty lines keep the audience in rapt attention. The runway-like stage that cuts through the seats stands out, too.

[Interview : Kim Mun-seong, Actor] "We focused on how people move on stage, since people never move in one direction all the time and each of us has his or her own way of talking, conveying or moving."

However, there's another reason why this play is so popular. It only features two actors who take up two different roles each! They go back and forth between the roles of teenagers and police inspectors. Since they work very well together, the transitions are seamless!

[Interview : Kim Jeong-hun, Actor] "When teenagers move, they tend to breathe with their chests, while police inspectors spread their legs a bit and walk. We had to adjust to those ways quickly. At first the teenager's role was thought to be hard, but later on it turned out that the inspector's role was even harder."

"The Boy Said So" explores the minds of teenagers! It will be a chance to think about the difference in viewpoints between adults and teenagers and how people think of teenagers.

[Interview : ] "The play "The Boy Said So" is for teenagers,"

[Interview : ] "but adults and teenagers should watch it together and discuss it."

[Interview : ] "We are going through trial and error to come up with even better productions."

[Interview : ] "Don't miss "The Boy Said So"!"

[Interview : ] "I, Edward Cullen, take you, Bella Swan, to love, to cherish as long as we both shall live."

Edward and Bella are about to embark on a new life as husband and wife, with Jacob still having feelings for Bella. The newlywed couple have a wonderful first night together.

Some time later, Bella notices strange movements inside her.

[SOV]"You did this.I can't see Bella's future anymore."

The werewolves believe that the offspring of a vampire and a human will be a significant threat to them. However, Jacob confronts his pack to protect Bella.

[Interview : ] "If you kill her, you kill me."

How will the fight for Bella and her baby end

Son Ye-jin, the queen of romantic comedy, and the ever-loveable Lee Min-ki join hands for a love story in "Chilling Romance."

[Interview : Son Ye-jin, Actress] "Many ask why there's the word“chilling”in the title of a romantic comedy. It's because while the movie is fun most of the time, sometimes the audience will get a chill because of a secret the female lead character hides."

Yeo-ri is shunned by her family and friends because of a ghost that relentlessly pursues her. On top of that, she can't even date.

[Interview : Lee Min-ki, Actor] "My character is a magician who specializes in horror magic."

Jo-gu is a timid man who can't even watch a horror movie.

Their relationship is not as smooth as they wish.

[Interview : ] "If you want to see me, you need to get insurance. Accident and life insurances."

Yeo-ri and Jo-gu just want to have a normal relationship! Their love story, made possible by putting their lives on the line, begins now.

I never understood that whole Twilight fascination.
I've seen grown women go crazy after watching that movie.
It's something I understand but can't explain.
I think I just like werewolves.
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