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This Week's Cultural News VCR2 Updated: 2011-11-25 00:00:00 KST

What is the biggest worry for teenagers in Korea[Interview : Chu Min-ju, Director] "When students and teachers go to school in the morning, they greet one another with a "Good morning," but that greeting is sometimes sarcastic. So I wished that our school became a place for sincere "Good mornings.""

The musical "Good Morning, School" brings to life the worries of teenagers onto the stage. The musical shows their lives, their expectations and their thoughts.

[Interview : ] "Good morning, school!"

[Interview : Chu Min-ju, Director] "A student transfers to a high school in Seoul from Yeosu, but he hides the fact that he is "Mink Whale," a well known ID online."

[Interview : ] "I'm from Yeosu, surrounded by the sea on three sides. I lived in a country surrounded on three sides by the sea. Seoul gives me a headache because there are too many people, and my nose hurts because of the pollution."

[Interview : Jeong Uk-jin, Actor] "My character rebels, but not in person. Instead, he rebels a lot as "Mink Whale" online."

A teenager with the online ID "Mink Whale" demands for a change of the voting age to 17. Thanks to his efforts, voting rights are given and teenagers look forward to their first election.

[Interview : ] "That's right. I am Bong Gyeong-ja. Let's change the voting age to 17. Let's bring it up in the National Assembly."

[Interview : Chu Min-ju, Director] "Teenagers face many difficulties. This musical satirizes those difficulties, and implies that politicians must do something to improve teenagers' lives. In that manner, this musical satirizes reality itself."

The actors and actresses portray the thoughts and tendencies of teenagers nowadays onstage. They express teenagers' straightforwardness through rap and their desire to rush through fast-changing scenes. On top of that, the characters' tendencies to speak their minds are similar to teenagers today.

[Interview : Lee Se-na, Actress] "I hope that emotionally scarred students will be comforted by our portrayals of their lives, and that they won't push adults away as adults have gone through what students are encountering now. I also hope that students will be inspired to look after their younger schoolmates."

[Interview : ] "We will shake off the sadness in our lives and become free. I will find freedom like a whale."

For adults, the musical "Good Morning, School!" will be a chance to remember their own stormy adolescence, and for teenagers, it will be an opportunity to look at their lives through a different perspective.
Be sure not to miss "Good Morning, School!" and its active and progressive representation of Korean teenagers!

Da-seul is a 9-year-old reckless ball of mischief. She lives in a small village with her grandmother and uncle.

[Interview : ] "Aren't you aware that she spends all day scribbling on walls[Interview : ] "It's snowing. It's snowing."

Da-seul loves cartoons that show snowmen. She longs for the day it begins to snow.

Finally, her wish comes true and she gets to make a snowman with her own hands.

The touching story of her pure heart will move the audience this coming winter.

Michael is a highly talented chef who has an extraordinary sense of taste. Susan is a scientist who researches global phenomena. The two meet by chance and deeply fall in love, becoming happy beyond their wildest dreams.

[Interview : ] "Just tell me something."
[Interview : ] "Something[Interview : ] "Something other people don't know about you. Something secret."

However, one day, people around the world begin to lose their sensory perceptions. Michael is also affected, and begins to show an abnormal behavior, putting his relationship with Susan in conflict.

[Interview : ] "Without love, there is nothing."

Will Michael and Susan's love survive amidst the chaos
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