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K-Celebrities Now VCR2 Updated: 2011-11-24 00:00:00 KST

[Interview : ] "I love Super Junior!"

[Interview : ] "Super Junior is the best!"

[Interview : ] "We're Super Junior!"

It's finally here! The Seoul concert that will kick off Super Junior's "Super Show 4" World Tour had fans excited with its fabulous stage and program.

[Interview : Leeteuk, Member of Super Junior] "Our "Super Show 4" is spectacular. Our stage keeps moving, and there's also a fountain show! It's going to be very exciting for our fans."

At Hallyu fans' request, "Super Show 4" will tour major cities in Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

[Interview : Eunhyuk, Member of Super Junior] "I really wanted to know myself why Super Junior was so popular abroad, so I asked our foreign fans, and they said it was because we were good-looking."

[Interview : Leeteuk, Member of Super Junior] "I think the most appealing thing in any country is laughter. I believe that our fans love us because we provide them with happy energy."

They say that they practiced day and night for the concert.

[Interview : Leeteuk, Member of Super Junior] "We all help each other deal with the difficult aspects of putting on a show with so many members. Right now, more than being nervous, we are all so excited to meet our fans."

[Interview : ] "We are Super Junior!"

The concert is packed with fans both from Korea and from abroad.

[Interview : Olivia, Tourist
England] "Very good dancers, very good singers. They're wonderful."

[Interview : Cristin, Tourist
United States] "'Cause they're awesome. They're really funny. They're amazing, they're very talented, and oh yeah!"

[Interview : Aisha, Tourist
Turkey] "I love all the members, but Yesung and Leeteuk especially for me."

The concert is like a festival for fans all over the world! Everyone has their own favorite hit song.

[Interview : Susanti, Tourist
Indonesia] "Mr. Simple, their new single. It's really good."

[Interview : ] ""Mr. Simple""

[Interview : ] ""A-Cha""

[Interview : ] ""Sorry Sorry""

[Interview : ] "Let's do a great job! Let's go!"

[Interview : ] "Until our bodies break!
Let's give it our all!"

[Interview : ] "One, two, three!
Let's kill it!"

Arirang Today has the footage of "Super Show 4," Super Junior's most ambitious concert yet.

[Interview : Leeteuk, Member of Super Junior] "Everyone, are you ready to go hoarse[Interview : ] "Yes!"

[Interview : Leeteuk, Member of Super Junior] "Are you really ready[Interview : ] "Yes!"

[Interview : Leeteuk, Member of Super Junior] "Then scream!"

[Interview : ] "Yeah!"

November 6th marked the six-year anniversary of Super Junior's debut! In those six years, the group has recorded numerous hit tracks and album sales.

Super Junior did their best to repay their fans for their support!

[Interview : ] "We love you!"

[Interview : ] "Great job."

[Interview : Ryeowook, Member of Super Junior] "Our Seoul concert was awesome. We're kicking off our world tour soon. We hope that a lot of our fans will come to enjoy our "Super Show 4." Yeah!"

[Interview : Eunhyuk, Member of Super Junior] "We'll make sure that you'll be calling us back for an encore! Thank you."

This is just the beginning of "Super Show 4!" Look forward to Super Junior's world tour!

World tour! Looks exciting.
They're going to take the world on with their dance moves.
They're definitely seasoned pros now.
Look forward everyone!
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