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VCR2 This Week's Cultural News Updated: 2011-11-04 00:00:00 KST

Imagine what it would be like if villains from the 007 movie series were presented as Oriental artworks.

This is an exhibition that features the various characters from the movie series. However, there are no signs of James Bond, and only his enemies are visible.

[Interview : Lee Mun-ju, Curator] "The exhibition is about villains in the 007 movie franchise, which has a long history. It will present what characters scared people the most by the generation."

Son Dong-hyun is the very artist responsible for these unique works of art. He has made a name for himself by combining his knowledge of Oriental art with modern mainstream icons.

[Interview : Lee Mun-ju, Curator] "Son Dong-hyun used "jeonsinsajo," an Oriental art technique, to portray fictional characters from the 007 franchise."

Son Dong-hyun has meticulously brought everyone to life, from Blofeld, the most famous of Bond's enemies, to Electra King of the 19th movie in the franchise.

[Interview : Lee Mun-ju, Curator] "This is a portrait of Dr. No, the antagonist of a 1962 James Bond movie and the very first of many others throughout the franchise. He wears a prosthetic hand, which is highlighted in the portrait. The fur on the chair also stands out, as it was created with an extremely fine brush. Such works are possible only after practicing and researching characters extensively."

However, the mere sights of the villains are not enough. Anyone paying attention to each piece can feel the characters' evilness, too.

[Interview : Hwang In-gyeong, Visitor] "All of the portraits are those of villains. It was quite impressive and scary."

Let's meet the villains of the 007 series up close in Son Dong-hyun's exhibition!

This autumn, don't look forward to handsome and dashing couples. Instead, look out for 5 singles and their hilarious and fantastic stories!

[Interview : ] "Let's meet here at the same time again."

[Interview : ] "You didn't need to go that far."

[Interview : ] "No, it's"

[Interview : ] "Are you all right[Interview : ] "Yes."

[Interview : ] "Oh, my goodness."

This is "Couples," featuring 5 single men and women who each have their own issues.

The sheer number of twists keeps viewers on edge, making the final couples unpredictable! Find out who they are at theaters!

[Interview : ] "Oh. It's vitamin C. It'll explode in you!"

"Penny Pinchers" is Korea's very first romance movie about a couple who is together for the sake of survival!

Cheon Ji-ung [천지웅] can't go on dates because he's broke, and Gu Hong-sil [구홍실] is Ebenezer Scrooge personified. This is their story!

[Interview : ] "Do you have any talent[Interview : ] "I can imitate a dog."

[Interview : ] "How did you manage to survive until now[Interview : ] "If you give me $2, I'll kiss you."

[Interview : ] "If you give me $3, I'll hug you."

[Interview : ] "I'll hug you for $6."

[Interview : ] "Hey, that's what I said."

[Interview : ] While lying down."

[Interview : ] "Deal!"
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