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Musical "Winter Sonata" Updated: 2011-10-28 00:00:00 KST

The Hallyu milestone TV drama "Winter Sonata" is back for the first time in 10 years as a musical.

[Interview : Oh Yeong-jin, Producer] "While groups like Girls' Generation are leading the current Hallyu phenomenon, we thought that bringing back "Winter Sonata," the original trigger for Hallyu, as a musical would be a good idea."

Both the TV drama and the musical versions have the same storyline. However, the kind of charm each version presents is different.

[Interview : Kim Tae-han, Actor] "While the acting for the musical isn't exaggerated like other musicals, it emphasizes actions that deliver a greater impact than those seen on TV. I believe this is what makes the musical different from the TV drama."

While the TV drama focuses on how the two main characters were separated and reunited, the musical stays only on their young love.

[Interview : ] "How can someone who doesn't know kindness take care of someone else[Interview : ] "Who's that someone[Interview : ] "That would be you!"

The characters in the musical are also featured differently.
While the characters in the TV drama were passive, those in the musical always face everything head-on and never hide their feelings.

[Interview : Choi Su-jin, Actress] "My character in the drama is calmer and smarter than the one in the musical. While she has such traits in the musical, she stands out more for being clumsy, slow and prone to accidents. After all, this is a musical."

The original soundtrack is one of the most memorable aspects of "Winter Sonata". In the musical, the soundtrack is played live and used to show the main characters' inner thoughts. The music plays an important role in bringing the characters to life.

[Interview : Choi Su-jin, Actress] "When we act, we try to synchronize with the background music. Even though this is a musical and there is plenty of music, not many productions follow the music like ours do. I think our musical stands out because it is in the form of a musical play."

"Winter Sonata" brings back memories of one's first love.

Another touching moment is waiting for the audience.


I'm still trying to get to watching this series because I heard it was so great.
I wonder how they'll condense all the episodes into a musical.
Yeah. And it's such a great idea.
I've always wanted to visit Nami Island which is where that famous scene of them walking through the forest was filmed.
That's on my list too. Very romanitc environment.
It sure is indeed.
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