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Enjoying Autumn in Mt. Juwang Updated: 2011-10-28 00:00:00 KST

원고 코너가을엔 산이 최고다!

Mountains are beautiful during all 4 seasons. Their splendor cannot be expressed in words, especially during the fall. Let's take a look at the beautiful autumn foliage at its best!

Juwangsan, or Juwang Mountain National Park, located in North Gyeongsang Province, is 5 hours away by car from Seoul

These days, the park is packed with vistors.

[Interview : ] "We came from Paju."

[Interview : ] "We came from Busan."

[Interview : ] "We came from Changwon."

[Interview : ] "We came from Ansan."

People say that the beauty of the mountain in the fall cannot be expressed by words.

[Interview : Choe Jin-sun, Visitor] "Mt. Juwang is so beautiful. It is the best place for seeing autumn foliage so I come once a year."

[Interview : Park Mi-seon, Visitor] "They say that Waterfall Number 1 is gorgeous so I want to see it before I leave."

[Interview : PD] "Judging by your clothes, it looks like you are going to the summit[Interview : Park Mi-seon, Visitor] "But my body won't allow me to go there."

[Interview : ] "Why are you complaining about your body[Interview : Kim Sang-yeong, Guide] "The first thing you see when you come to Mt. Juwang are strangly shaped rocks. By looking at those rocks you can see why Mt. Juwang became a national park. Many people visit the mountain in the fall. I think it is because out of all the national parks in Korea, Mt. Juwang boasts the most beautiful foliage."

Daejeon Temple is located at the entrance of the mountain and people make this the starting point for their hike.

[Interview : Park Kyeong-hwan, Visitor] "I am planning to go to the waterfalls that they showed on the TV show "1 Night, 2 Days.""

[Interview : Kim Mi-jeong, Visitor] "We are amateur hikers. We came to Juwang Mountain because we heard that the paths are not dangerous to hike."

Men, women, young, and old all enjoy the mountain. Step by step, the path soon reveals another beautiful scenery.

The waterfalls make visitors forget about all stress. Whether one listens or watches the majestic view, one cannot help but be amazed by it. Various peaks and rocks come together with the foliage to compose this grand scene.

[Interview : Kim Cheol-jung, Visitor] "The rocks' grandeur and beauty are amazing."

[Interview : Nam Byeong-rye, Visitor] "I like how the leaves fall one by one."

[Interview : Kwon Sang-eun, Visitor] "It's refreshing. Looking at the grandeur of this place makes me feel how humble humans are in comparison."

Visitors are busy trying to capture the beauty of the stunning landscape. The view is gorgeous, but Juwang Mountain has many famous legends to its name.

There is the story of Jaha Castle, which was built to defend against Shilla's General Ma and his soldiers, as well as the story of the Hakso Tower, where both a blue and white crane lived on a high cliff.

[Interview : Kim Sang-yeong, Guide] "Mt. Juwang is a mountain that formed from legend. If you look behind you there is a rock called "Giam." Heavenly King Huju became a human and planted a flag here. "Gi" comes from this flag. This is the landmark of Mt. Juwang."

The various peaks are a true delight to the eyes of visitors.

[Interview : ] "Siru Peak!"

[Interview : ] "Siru Peak[Interview : ] "It is called Siru Peak because it looks like a bowl where rice cakes are made in."

[Interview : ] "It also looks like the profile of a person."

[Interview : Park Hyeon-jeong, Visitor] "Rather than just hike, there are so many things to see. The rocks and the water are great."

The trickling water can be heard as visitors hike the mountain.

[Interview : ] "The water is so clean!"

[Interview : ] "The water is really clean! There are a lot of big fish."

[Interview : ] "Come here fish! Oh! Look at the fish gathered together!"

Here all worries are relieved.

Hours have past and visitors have settled down here and there.

[Interview : Yun Yi-sun, Visitor] "After eating, I am going to go to the waterfall."

[Interview : PD] "After eating, I guess[Interview : ] "Yes, because I am hungry."

[Interview : ] Please eat, too. Eating is the most important thing for humans!

Surrounded by the mountain, the food tastes wonderful.

There are many places to enjoy great food around Juwang Mountain. . Mouths start to water as the various dishes appear one by one on the table.

[Interview : PD] "Are these the specialties of the season[Interview : Kim Hui-suk, Restaurant owner] "When coming to Mt. Juwang, it is best to have a cup of rice wine and some seafood pancake."

Various vegetables are mixed with a sauce and poured over acorn jelly. There is also a plate of seafood pancake that satisfies the eyes and stomach.

One place visitors must not forget stopping by is the Jusan Reservoir. It is located at the bottom of the path and has a history of over 300 years. The movie "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring" was shot here and it is a haven for photographers.

[Interview : Lee Tae-rang, Visitor] "In other places, the pictures do not come out nicely because the water flows and it's difficult to catch the right angle. Here, the pictures come out beautifully."

Here, the foliage is at its peak.

20 or so King Willow trees have survived for over 100 years. They also provide a magnificent scenery.

[Interview : Lee Eun-yeong, Visitor] "I feel something dormant inside, like a quiet calmness."

[Interview : Kim Pan-seop, Visitor] "I heard that this was an amazing place for filming, but it is even more amazing to see it in person."

Juwang Mountain provides breathtaking views. And another day at Juwang Mountain comes to a close.

[Interview : Kwon Sang-eun, Visitor] "I feel wonderful because I feel like I absorbed all the surrounding nature into my heart."

[Interview : Kim Chun-ja, Visitor] "I had a lot of time to think for myself. That is why I love mountains."

[Interview : ] "Mountains are the best in the fall!"

Seeing something once is better than hearing about it 100 times! This weekend, how about visiting Juwang Mountain, the best place to enjoy the autumn foliage with family and friends


Such beautiful scenery.
Apparently you have until the first week of November to enjoy the change in autumn leaves.
That's next week so everyone get to planning your trips if you haven't done so already!
I really wish I could go.
And the famous Kim Ki-duk movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter was filmed there. For good reason.
Indeed. So I hope everyone who wants to visit does so soon!
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