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VCR2 Weekly star scene Updated: 2011-10-20 00:00:00 KST

It's the battle of the stars! Arirang Today set off to get a closer look at the 48th Daejong Film Festival. Our first stop: the red carpet.

Hours before the event, the sidelines of the red carpet were already filling up with fans determined to get a glimpse of their favorite star.

[Interview : ] "Why did you bring the flowers[Interview : ] "I'm a fan of the actor Lee Je-hoon. I want to give these to him."

[Interview : ] "What do you like about Lee Je-hoon[Interview : ] "He's very talented at portraying whatever character he is given. He's a fantastic actor."

[Interview : ] "Where are you from[Interview : ] "I'm from Japan."

[Interview : ] "Who did you come to see[Interview : ] "Gong Yoo!"

[Interview : ] "Why do you like him[Interview : ] "Why do I like him

With every limousine that arrives, the fans and the media go wild! All eyes are on the parade of gorgeous dresses gracing the red carpet, and the film festival momentarily feels like a fashion show. Who do YOU think should be titled as Best Dressed

[Interview : ] "Excuse me!"

[Interview : Shin Hyeon-bin, Actress] "Hello!"

[Interview : ] "We're here from Arirang TV. Say hello to our viewers!

[Interview : Shin Hyeon-bin, Actress] "Hello to all our viewers. I'm Shin Hyeon-bin."

The stars stop for Arirang TV! Hello~

[Interview : ] "You look beautiful. Can you describe your dress today in one word[Interview : Shin Hyeon-bin, Actress] "An innocent angel[Interview : Shin Hyeon-bin, Actress] "I became used to long skirts because of my work in historical dramas, so I decided to wear a long dress."

[Interview : ] "How do you feel about the film festival[Interview : Shin Hyeon-bin, Actress] "I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be very enjoyable."

On the other hand, the female fans lose control whenever a handsome male star steps onto the carpet.

[Interview : ] "Over here! Look over here!"

One star in particular sent the ladies to near hysterics. It's Hallyu star Won Bin! As the cameras flashed nonstop, Won Bin casually walked the carpet.

[Interview : ] "I didn't know Won Bin would be here! Oh my God! Won Bin!"

[Interview : ] "He is a god! He was walking on the carpet, and there was like a halo around his head. How is it possible that a human is that good-looking

First up: Best Actor.

[Interview : ] "Congratulations to Park Hae-il of "Bow: The Ultimate Weapon"!"

Park Hae-il played a master archer in "Bow: The Ultimate Weapon," one of the most successful movies of the year.

[Interview : Park Hae-il, Best Actor winner] "I'd like to thank director Kim Han-min, who handed me a bow and invited me to this historical movie."

The trophy goes to Kim Ha-neul, who took part in her first thriller, playing a blind character. Congratulations!

[Interview : Kim Ha-neul, Best Actress winner] "At first, the character was so hard to play, but I realized that this experience helped me to understand and love myself even more."

The awards ceremoy brought an end to the 48th Daejong Film Festival

[Interview : ] "What do you think of the stars you saw in person[Interview : ] "They're all so beautiful!"

[Interview : ] "Who was your favorite[Interview : ] "Won Bin!"

We're already looking forward to next year's Daejong Film Festival! Make sure to join us!

[Interview : ] "I love So Ji-sub!"

[Interview : ] "I love Arirang TV!"
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