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Movies are the New Attractions in Busan Updated: 2011-10-12 00:00:00 KST

The fun is on at Busan!

The 16th Busan Intl. Film Festival, Asia's greatest film festival, is in full swing! The nine-day festival, which began on October 6th, is gathering fans from all over the world and turning Busan into a citywide festival!

[Interview : ] "The BIFF is the best!"

[Interview : ] "Looks like fun."

[Interview : ] "Come to Busan!"

And fans are for a treat, for they can meet their favorite stars!

Even Hallyu star Jang Keun-suk [장근석] was out to wow the crows!

[Interview : PD] "How does it feel to see actor Jang Keun-suk in person[Interview : ] "Fantastic!"

[Interview : Kouta Kanakora, Tourist
] "We can see actors up close in many places, and we can also see a variety of movies."

Busan is Korea's movie mecca for being not only the host of a world class film festival, but also a popular filming location.
It is a popular destination for movie fans. According to statistics, Over two million foreign tourists visited Busan as of November 2010.
How did Busan become the movie mecca it is today

[Interview : PD] "Why is Busan known as a city of movies[Interview : Lee Chang-ho, Movie director
] "Busan is home to Korea's largest indoor recording studio. The Busan Film Commission actively supports filming within Busan. Soon, the Korean Film Council, which is based in Seoul, will move to Busan. I think Busan will become the ultimate location for movies. "

[Interview : PD] "Why is Busan popular as a location for movies[Interview : Park Su-in, Busan resident
] "Busan has beaches, mountains, fields and rivers, and they all harmonize well."

[Interview : PD] "Why is Busan popular as a city of movies[Interview : Lee Hun-jeong, Busan resident] "Many residents get to participate in the filming of movies."

There are other reasons as to why Busan is so popular! It is Korea's second largest metropolis and Korea's main port city!

It is also home to some of Korea's first or greatest achievements, and now these achievements are acknowledged on a global scale! Every place in Busan has a fantastic story behind it!

The Busan Cinema Center, the venue of the BIFF, is Busan's latest achievement!

It is Asia's first exclusive film festival screening venue, and it is jaw-droppingly huge! The Busan Cinema Center will also be a venue for arts and cultural events.
Its roof, made up of 120,000 LED lamps, is under review by the Guinness World Records for the title of the biggest roof in the planet.

[Interview : ] "Wow!"

[Interview : ] "It is Korea's greatest movie theater. So cool!"

[Interview : PD] "How do you feel about coming to the Busan Cinema Center[Interview : Kim Hyeon-jeong, Visitor
] "Now that there is an exclusive venue, the name "Busan Intl. Film Festival" feels the more real."

[Interview : PD] "How do you feel about coming to the Busan Cinema Center[Interview : Shin Ji-yong, Visitor
] "With this exclusive venue, the BIFF won't be just one of Asia's greatest, but one of the world's greatest film festivals, and it will be the venue for all movie lovers. It makes me proud to be Korean."

Busan has gained plenty of recognition for its cultural and commercial ambiance as well as its outstanding hospitality.

Fans also enjoy coming to Busan to compare movie scenes with the actual location! According to the Busan Film Commission, some 40 movies are either being filmed or in pre-production in Busan right now!

[Interview : Jang Eun-yeong, Visitor] "I came to Busan because it is the venue for the BIFF, and it is where "Friend" was filmed. It was great to see various scenes from the movie in person."

We met with some aspiring directors and actors at the festival.

[Interview : PD] "As a person in the film industry, how do you see Busan[Interview : Choi Jae-cheol, Film student] "Busan presents a variety of images, from fishing villages to modern skyscrapers. If I become a director, I want to film at least one movie here."

[Interview : PD] "As a person in the film industry, how do you see Busan[Interview : Byeon Seong-beom, Acting student
] "I feel that I have to work hard. I will be back next year as a better person. Everyone, I'm going to make it to the big screen! Just wait and see!"

Tourists can sightsee around Busan courtesy of free shuttle buses that are in operation throughout the festival. In fact, with cruise ships docking at Busan, there are even more tourists than ever!

The BIFF Square, Korea's only square for movies and located between Busan's movie district and traditional markets, is a popular destination for tourists!

[Interview : Zhuldyz Daneaoba, Tourist] "We came specially to visit the Busan Intl. Film Festival so we're looking for something exciting. I really want to watch the movie from ---."

Don't forget to eat before hitting the screens, though! Busan is famous for its restaurants and local specialties! Dishes like pork stew, seed-stuffed fried pancakes or Dongnae [동래] pancakes compete for the tourists' attention! These restaurants are so popular that they all have autographs of famous stars and directors!

There is one particular noodle restaurant that every local knows of. It serves a dish that anyone visiting Busan must try!

[Interview : Kim Deok-eun, Busan resident
] "There are more diners eating milmyeon here because of the BIFF. There weren't any lines before, but since the BIFF, people have to line up before going inside."

The entire city of Busan is now a festival ground! Visitors can enjoy movies, food and a fabulous variety of sights and sounds!
How about planning a trip to Busan[Interview : ] "Come join us at the Busan Intl. Film Festival!"


I saw the new Busan Cinema Center myself last weekend and I must say it is an impressive site. The structure is just massive and definitely adds a bit of glamour to the event.
Did you see any movies I did. A French movie about dysfunctional relationships it was very French.
Well the festival is still going on in full force so it's not too late to go experience it for yourself.
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