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Learning Korean Culture in Guangdong Updated: 2011-09-26 00:00:00 KST

The campus of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is filled with the youth and vitality of all its students.
Here, we heard something familiar.

[Interview : ] "We are now going to break up into groups to talk about why you are studying Chinese here in China, or why you are a Korean language major in China."

It's a class for students in the Department of Korean Language.
It's a conversational class where the Chinese local students are encouraged to talk with exchange students from Korea visiting the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

[Interview : Kim Ji-su, Student
Daejin University] "My friend over here and I are from Daejin University in Korea. These students are Korean language majors here at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies."

[Interview : Lin Yiyan, Student
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies] "Hello, I'm Lin Yiyan, a senior of the Department of Korean Language at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies."

Having students from the two countries study together is a perfect match!

[Interview : Quan Yonggen, Dean of Department of Korean Language
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies] "Korean companies operating in the Guangdong area are increasingly looking for employees who can speak Korean. So in 2000, we began to think that we needed to establish a Department of Korean Studies."

We decided to meet other Chinese locals in Guangdong learning about Korean culture.
The Korea Tourism Organization's Guangzhou branch is called the Korea Plaza.
The visitors here are all eager to learn about Korea.

[Interview : Holly She, Visitor] "I came to learn Korean. I think I will be able to have basic conversations if I ever travel to Korea, and be able to move around without much inconvenience."

This is a basic Korean language class where the students learn to pronounce the Korean alphabet.
Their eager facial expressions and meticulous notes show their passion for Korean language and Korean culture.
The language course is followed up by a cultural experience class.
Today, the students learn about hanbok.
Students seem fascinated by the intricacies of hanbok.

[Interview : Cha Hyeok-jin, Section chief
Korea Tourism Organization] "At Korea Plaza, we have basic and intermediate Korean classes for Chinese people. In the intermediate class, we learn about Korean culture in addition to the language."

[Interview : Iris Li] "It's very elegant, and very elaborate, like the traditional dresses from the British royal palace."

The bow is Korea's most traditional greeting.
The local Guangdong students take a step closer to understanding Korea by experiencing Korea's oldest form of etiquette.
In China, people from the two countries are coming closer together through Korean culture.
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