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: There seem to be quite a lot of stars with the same name.

[Reporter : ] : On the top of my head there's also actress 한혜진 and model 한혜진, as well as actor 김성수 and the singer 김성수 of cool! Same names, but very different vibes.

: Taking a look back at the PR ambassadors for film festival

[Reporter : ] : Yes. They are 서영희 and 최다니엘.
Just to talk a bit more about them, 서영희 made her debut in the year 2004 and featured in many projects, but started receiving limelight from the drama 선덕여왕 playing the part of 소화, also when she got married earlier this year on May 14th.
최다니엘 debuted at a young age of 16, but started receiving much love from the TV citcom 지붕뚫고 하이킥 during 2009 and 2010.
Ever since then he's been receiving a lot of love with every project he's come out with, and he will be coming out in another TV drama this year called The Musical.

: I wish the best for the both of them! Dami, what do you have for us next[Reporter : ] : Up next, we'll take a closer look at actor 정준호, who is beginning a new challenge away from this acting career, and a little update on what's going on in the billboard charts!
Let's go ahead and start off with 정준호 and head off to Busan!

Actor Jeong Jun-ho[정준호] has transformed into a businessman!

Jeong Jun-ho recently opened a gallery in Seo-myeon, Busan, which is designed to be a place of rest in the city, where local residents and children can come to enjoy culture.

[Interview : PD] "Tell us about your business!"
[Interview : Jeong Jun-ho, Actor] "I hope that my culture gallery, in the heart of Busan, can be a place where aspiring actors of Busan can relax and pursue their dreams. I'll do my very best to win the hearts of Busan. Thank you."

We saw Jeong Jun-ho's wife Lee Ha-jeong[이하정], as well as friends Park Sang-myeon[박상면], Park Sang-won[박상원], and Park Sang-min [박상민]there to support Jeong Jun-ho's newest challenge.

Jeong Jun-ho's already made it as an actor! We hope he enjoys equal success as a businessman.

Billboard, the world's authority on everything related to popular music, released a new K-pop chart on August 25th that ranks the hottest K-pop tracks.

According to Billboard, Davichi is topping the K-pop HOT 100 chart with the title track to their new mini-album, "Don't Say Goodbye."

But Leessang[리쌍] is right behind Davichi! After taking the top spot with their song "I Turned Off the TV" they continued their winning streak with two more songs landing in the Top 10 - "The Answer to Me is You" and "Reminiscence."

The four-member girl group "SISTAR," which is enjoying support for its fabulous songs and dance moves, are staying strong with their single "So Cool,“ which topped the chart in its first week. SISTAR was also featured on the main page of Billboard.com.

[Interview : PD] " Tell us how you feel about ranking first on the Billboard K-pop chart!"

[Interview : SISTAR] "Hello, Arirang Today viewers! Two, three, SISTAR! Hello, we're SISTAR. We were able to rank so well thanks to all your support, even though we still have a long way to go, and we haven't spent very much time abroad."

The potential of K-pop has been recognized by the global music market, and K-pop's popularity has reached the U.S., the home of pop music. The Billboard K-pop chart will no doubt contribute to the K-pop wave that is sweeping over the entire world.


: It's great to hear that K-pop has their own chart in the Billboard.

[Reporter : ] : I think it's fantastic that Korea has a chart, and Korea is the second country to have a Billboard chart, after Japan. All the more, it is a sign that K-pop is being recognized more and more all over the world, and Hallyu is spreading!

: It sure does! Well, thanks Dami for today's Weekly Star Scene. We'll see you next time!

[Reporter : ] : It's always a pleasure! I'll see you guys next time!
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