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: It's time now for where we bring you the five hottest headlines coming out of the Korean entertainment industry.

: Hold onto your seats because we have our one and only Dami here in the studio with us. Hi Dami!

[Reporter : ] : Hi 건영 and Hi Sean!

: So what sort of news do you have for us today[Reporter : ] : Well, let me start off with a pop quiz! What do 조권 of 2AM, 허각, 승리 of BigBang and Suzy of Miss A, have in common:

[Reporter : ] : The answer is they all kicked off their careers by appearing on audition programs!
So for our first story today, we heard that 양현석 from YG Entertainment and 박진영 from JYP entertainment have become judges on the newest audition program that seeks to discover the next big K-pop stars!
Let's go ahead and check it out!

In recent months, the Korean TV industry has been taken over by a variety of audition programs.

Many of the big-name stars we see today actually got their start on these kinds of audition programs.

The boom has led Yang Hyun-suk and Park Jin-young, CEOs of two of Korea's biggest labels, to collaborate on a show of their own.

The two CEOs have become judges who will work side by side to discover the next global K-pop star, but they each had their own set of judging criteria.

[Interview : PD] "What are your judging criteria[Interview : Park Jin-young, Music producer] "I like really nice singers, maybe people who are a little shy. I like people who have a clear and true character to offer, and who can show that character off in a natural way."

On the other hand, Yang Hyun-suk prefers people who are not nice at all.

[Interview : PD
] "What are your judging criteria[Interview : Yang Hyun-suk, Music producer] "When I judge auditions, I pick people who don't look nice. Of course it's important for singers to be people of good character, but I think that there's a special kind of charisma that comes from performers who seem strong and a little mean onstage."

Yang Hyun-suk and Park Jin-young are two of Korea's most famous star producers! Everyone's excited to see who they will pick as their next star.

This year, actors Seo Young-hee[서영희] and Choi Daniel were chosen to promote the 48th Daejong[대종] Film Festival.

# 시라노 연애조작단 최다니엘 부분
- 위촉 상장, Member of SHINee] "I wanted to tell more people about us."

Then we also have Mr. Kim Jeong-min and Miss Kim Jeong-min, who share the same name but are of different genders. Add to that Baek Ji-yeong[백지영] and Kim Ji-yeong[김지영], Eugene and Kim Yu-jin, Min-ho and Lee Min-holooks like stars have a penchant for pretty names!

Having so many stars share names has even fans confused at times! We all know that even though they share names, they each have a unique charm that is incomparable! We look forward to seeing all these stars continue to do their best!
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