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weekly star scene Updated: 2011-09-08 00:00:00 KST

: It's time for Weekly Star Scene, where we bring you the week's five hottest stories from the Korean Entertainment industry!

: Hold onto your seats, because we have our very own Dami here in the studio with us. Hello Dami!

[Reporter : ] : Hi Sean and 건영~!

: What do you have for us today[Reporter : ] : Well, we get updates about stars' everyday activities all the time, and do you guys happen to where the paparazzi find their information

Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, or another platform, everyone's part of some social networking service these days. Korean stars are no exception! And Twitter seems to be the latest fad among A-listers! Let's find out more about how stars are making the most of their tweets.

First, there are stars who use Twitter to show off their connections. Hee-chul of Super Junior fits into this category. He seems to be friends with everyone who is anyone in the entertainment industry, regardless of age, gender, or vocation.

[Interview : Kim Hee-chul, Member of Super Junior] "This feels so good. Thank you!"

Other stars use Twitter to give their fans a glimpse into their love lives. Baek Ji-young, who is well-known for her extensive work on Korean TV drama soundtracks, created quite the buzz when she posted pictures of herself on a date with her boyfriend, who is 9 years her junior!

Still there are other stars who are on Twitter around the clock, updating their fans in real time about what they are doing! Talk about breaking news!

The social networking boom has created a new way for stars to get closer to their fans, in short and sweet tweets. We're loving it!

The top movie and the top TV drama in Korea at the moment are both historical works set in the Joseon Dynasty. And both works are graced by the same actress, beautifully dressed in elegant hanbok.

Her name is Moon Chae-won, and she has become the newest princess of the silver screen and TV screens, thanks to her natural talent at playing characters in historical plots.

Korea is going wild over Moon Chae-won, who looks more beautiful by the day in her hanbok.

Hallyu leaders Girls' Generation invite Arirang Today viewers to join them on the set of their latest advertisement! Ta-da~

The first member on set is Yoona! Yoona has become a car washer cool enough to wash away all of the summer heat! Have you ever seen a car wash this adorable

Now, gentlemen, calm yourselves! Jessica is up next. She says that she landed the perfect part for her shoot.

[Interview : Jessica, Member of Girls' Generation] "I'm a fashion designer for women's apparel. Clothes are great, but personally one day I'd like to try my hand at designing shoes. I love shoes, so it'll be fun."

We could see each of the girls' unique charm as they acted out their parts on set! We certainly hope that they'll invite us back soon~!
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