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"Billboard" Creates a New K-pop Chart Updated: 2011-09-06 00:00:00 KST

[Interview : Lauren, Tourist
] "They sing well, they dance well, and they are kind of beautiful."

It's 2011, and the whole world is captivated by Korea's pop music. Some fans follow their favorite stars' dance moves

while others are taking the long flight to Korea to see them in person.

The demand for everything K-pop has now even produced a new online Hot 100 K-pop chart! Let's find out what exactly it is about K-pop that's grabbed the whole world by storm.

"Billboard" is an American music magazine This is where a new K-pop chart was born on August 26th.

The chart's creation is evidence of K-pop's popularity all over the world.

[Interview : Jin Seung-yeong, CEO
Billboard Korea] "The Billboard K-pop chart is the 17th international chart in the world, and the second in Asia, after Japan. The chart will rank tracks automatically from 1 to 100 based on a data-mined sound sketch system."

When the chart debuted, the honor of the first-ever number-one K-pop track was given to "So Cool" by the four-member girl group SISTAR.

[Interview : ] "Hello, Arirang Today viewers! We are SISTAR."

[Interview : Hyorin, Lead Vocal
] "I think that we are able to be where we are today because we had so much support from our fans all over the world, although we didn't spend very much time performing abroad."

What does chart-topping group SISTAR think is the best thing about K-pop[Interview : Soyu, Vocal
] "K-pop features a lot of dance songs with eye-catching choreography. I think that's what fans overseas really love and find unique about K-pop."

[Interview : Hyorin, Lead Vocal
] "We'll be coming to see you soon overseas, so please keep giving us your support! "

K-pop tested the European market in June when major music label SM TOWN held a live concert in Paris, to roaring success. From the Paris concert to the new Billboard K-pop Hot 100 chart, Hallyu's latest developments have all been undeniable victories for K-pop.

[Interview : Lee Hoe-seok, Board Member
Billboard Korea
] "The launch of K-pop's first internationally recognized chart is a first step, maybe one of the more important steps in globalization of Korean music. As the K-pop Hot 100 chart is viewed approximately 100 countries every single week, we are hoping that the chart serves as a platform by which K-pop can continue its expansion overseas."

These days, it's easy to spot fans from Asia, Europe, and other areas of the world waiting in line outside of K-pop concert venues.

[Interview : PD] "Where are you from[Interview : ] "I'm from Poland."

[Interview : ] "Greece, and Finland."

[Interview : ] "Italy."

[Interview : ] "Norway!"

[Interview : Miriam, Tourist
] "They know how to dance, there is a lot of color in their video clips, and they are so gorgeous, so beautiful."

[Interview : Isabella, Tourist
] "They make great music and they are also very nice to their fans."

They have no problem singing along to their favorite songs in Korean!

And of course, they've got the moves to match.

[Interview : Barbara, Tourist
] "I like Super Junior because of their music, and they are very good at dancing. I love their dance moves very much."

Earlier this year, young K-pop fans in London gathered at the Korean Cultural Centre UK for "K-pop Night,“ where they sang and danced the night away.

[Interview : Eric, Visitor
United Kingdom
] "We've been here for about an hour now, so we're quite tired."

[Interview : Arisa, Visitor
United Kingdom] "SS501 with Kim Hyun-joong, we really like him."

No one would have guessed just a few years ago that K-pop would become such a sensation in Europe.

[Interview : Wendy, Visitor
United Kingdom
] "There's like a great selection of music. It's just nice to come and hang with a couple of my friends and stuff."

[Interview : Cain, Visitor
United Kingdom
] "It's a really good atmosphere. I'm used to nightclubs where people don't dance. Here, people dance like mad."

[Interview : Choi Yeong-mil, Culture critic] "Korea's pop music has a variety of flavors that are suitable for the global audience, and is becoming more sophisticated with time. In the case of idol groups, they are popular worldwide because they are very talented while being idol singers."

This store in Myeongdong has been seeing many more foreign customers lately.

Here, customers can buy photos and albums of stars signed with a major K-pop label, and enjoy a meal while they're there.

[Interview : Lee Dae-oh, Manager
Everysing Myeongdong
] "Most of our foreign customers used to come from Southeast Asia. Now, with the K-pop boom, we have more customers from Europe. We now make two or three times more revenue than before."

Foreign fans are excited about finding products that are not available in their home countries!

[Interview : Natasha, Tourist
Netherlands] "I'm a big fan of Super Junior. They have loads of videos, and there are many, many European fans."

The K-pop boom has brought new business to industries related to Korean music as well.

[Interview : Lika, Tourist
] "I'm interested in buying these products, and I can't get them at home, so I come to Korea to buy them."

K-pop has joined the ranks of music from other countries all over the world to reach listeners in all corners of the globe. Hallyu is sure to bring a fresh breeze to the global music industry.

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