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Foreigners Tour Korea by Public Transportation! Updated: 2011-09-05 00:00:00 KST

This is Korea's Capital Seoul!

In the beautiful city of Seoul, there is a special and very memorable tour package awaiting foreign visitors.

[Interview : ] "This is all I need!"

Carrying just a transportation card, tourists gather together to begin their adventure. This program, "The Seoul Tour Program", is a free tour package provided by the City of Seoul.

[Interview : Choe In-jong, Marketing Manager
Seoul City Economic Development Division
] "Seoul is globally known for its well-developed public transportation. The Seoul Tour Program aims at using the city's advanced public transportation system to tour different places in Seoul."

For this trip, you may only use public transportation! There are also other rules. The first rule is that tourists must travel around Seoul without a guide.

[Interview : Hailey, Tourist
] "I'm excited and the team is really excited. And we're just on the way!"

In groups of 10, the tourists begin their Seoul Tour. They pay particular attention to the subway maps.

Will they be able to complete their first trip

Digital Media City, also known as DMC, is where innovative media and entertainment companies will gather together by 2015.

At the DMC, one can see the most advanced digital technologies.

[Interview : Katherine, Tourist
] "Oh this is great! I really like the sparkling tree. Yeah it's beautiful. I got good pictures on my camera too."

The DMC also shows a ubiquitous outline of our future technologies. For example, a person can get body checkups and get the appropriate prescriptions.

Depending on how many people there are, crosswalks are created. It's in a way, a peak into our daily lives in the future.

Foreign visitors participating in the Seoul Tour Program have a great time at the DMC.

[Interview : Alma, Tourist
] "It's a little bit too much. I also like the old way of living, but this will be nice for like office windows when they don't have much space to see nature, I guess."

It is time to move on to their second destination. The tourists look much more familiarized with the subway system than before.
How do they like Seoul's public transportation system[Interview : Gary, Tourist
] "I'm from New York, so it's a lot cleaner here. That's for sure. It's very well organized, it's very easy, it's also a lot cheaper."

The second destination of the Seoul Tour program is Chungmuro Station. At the Namsangol Hanok Village, they complete their second task.

The second task is none other than samulnori!

Following the teacher's instructions, the Seoul Tour participants begin to play the buk , the janggu , the jing , and the kkwanggwari .

[Interview : Matthew, Tourist
USA] "It's fun. I like this guy he's nice. This, I'm not so good with, but it's nice. And we're all kind of getting it so."

Now that they have finished their task, they must continue the tour. At the Namsangol Hanok Village, the tourists are able to see the traditional culture of Korea. They are especially impressed by the elegant Hanok houses.

[Interview : Whitney, Tourist
] "I like the architecture a lot. The roofing and they put a lot of detail in it. You can tell how much time and effort and love are put into each of the houses. It's really nice."

The third destination of the Seoul Tour program is Yeouinaru Station!

Here, they go to the Han River. The third task is to take pictures at every site. The participants make special memories through group photos.

[Interview : Hanna, Tourist
] "I think the Han River is really beautiful and I would definitely like to come back at night. I hear it's really nice at night."

To enjoy the Han River, you should definitely ride the water taxi! But of course, this means that the participants get another task. What might this task be

[Interview : Morgan, Tourist
] "We completed our mission. We had to take a picture with the driver, the boat driver."

The water taxi soars the Han River at high speed! It even goes to 17 different water platforms. People may even use their transportation cards to ride this vehicle.

The water taxi is fast, inexpensive, and comfortable.

It is the ideal way to enjoy the Han River.

[Interview : Amanda, Tourist
] "I think it's beautiful. I think it's definitely unique to Seoul, cause I've been to a couple of big cities in the world and it's definitely a unique place."

The subway and even a water taxi - after traveling Seoul by public transportation, how do the tourists feel about the program[Interview : Morgan, Tourist
] "Good! It was fun. It was very interesting and we went places I've never been to before so it was fun."

After their special tour, the Seoul Tour participants post up pictures and videos unto their Facebook, Youtube, and other social networking service sites.

They share their adventures around Seoul with all their friends and family.

[Interview : Lee Yeon-hui, Employee
Seoul City Economic Development Division] "The Seoul Tour Program is a good way for foreigners to use their respective social networking and share Korea's beautiful sites with their friends and family back at home, thus boosting the promotion of Korea overseas. We think that this will initiate more tourism in the future."

With just one transportation card, foreign visitors receive a memorable tour around Seoul!

The Seoul Tour Program is expected to be held again this fall. We look forward for more people to make unforgettable memories then, too!

[Interview : ] "I love you Seoul!"


So you can do this tour in the fall. The city of Seoul says they will continue the program so all you have to do is find and ask.
Looks like fun!
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