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weekly star scene Updated: 2011-08-31 00:00:00 KST

: It's time for Weekly Star Scene, where we bring you the top 5 entertainment headlines of the week.

: We have our oh so unique Dami in the studio with us! Hello Dami!

[Reporter : ] : Hi 건영! Hi Sean!

: What do you have for us today[Reporter : ] : Well, up in our first story, Girls' Generation, the Hallyu stars that charmed Asia and wowed Europe, have been named PR ambassadors for the "Visit Korea Year" campaign!
And actor 공유 is coming out with a new movie!
Let's go check it out right now on Weekly Star Scene!

On the 19th, the members of Girls' Generation became PR ambassadors for the Visit Korea Year campaign.

[Interview : ] "Hello, we're Girls' Generation."

Girls' Generation have traded in their glitz and glamour for professional chic at the commissioning ceremony.

Of course, we have to hear how they feel.

[Interview : PD] "How does it feel to be a PR ambassador[Interview : Seohyun, Member
Girls' Generation
] "It's such an honor to be named the PR ambassadors for the "Visit Korea Year" campaign. We'll do our very best to promote Korea to the rest of the world."

Girls' Generation is one of the most popular groups leading the booming k-pop trend. They say that their success only adds to their sense of responsibility.

[Interview : PD] "How much influence does Hallyu have over Korea's global image[Interview : Taeyeon, Member
Girls' Generation
] "Hallyu stars like us have a lot of responsibility. Some of our fans abroad learn Korean just to become closer to us. It was clear that the image that Girls' Generation presented was really important."

Girls' Generation pledge to give their all to promote Korea and the Visit Korea Year campaign!

[Interview : PD] "What is your goal as a PR ambassador[Interview : Yoona, Member
Girls' Generation
] "We want to raise awareness about Korea to our fans all over the world."

The nine members of A-list girl group Girls' Generation are determined to tell the world about Korea!

With their help, Korea will be captivating more tourists than ever during Visit Korea Year 2011-2012.

Actor Gong Yoo is getting much attention for his role in the upcoming movie "Dogani."

[Interview : ] "Hello, I'm Gong Yoo."

Gong Yoo is often described as being "dreamy" or "romantic." He commands female fans with his soft gaze and melodic voiceuntil now. Gong Yoo has completely shed his previous image for his role in "Dogani."

[Interview : ] "Is this a big turning point for you[Interview : Gong Yoo, Actor] "Personally, it's a little overwhelming to hear people call me a "romantic" or "sweet" character. I just try my best to fit whatever role is given to me in any particular situation."

The upcoming film "Dogani" is adapted from a novel of the same name. Gong Yoo says that he felt a special connection to the novel, written by Gong Ji-young[공지영].

[Interview : PD] "You said you feel a special connection to this project[Interview : Gong Yoo, Actor] "You end up reading a lot during military service. While I was in the service, I picked up "Dogani" and was hypnotized. I personally asked Gong Ji-young if we could adapt the book into a movie."

Gong Yoo says that the project was close to his heart.

[Interview : Gong Yoo, Actor] ""Dogani" is coming to theaters on September 22. I hope it is a movie that fills your heart. Please come out to watch it."

Gong Yoo is turning serious for his role in "Dogani." Check out the movie to watch him transform himself into a deeper, more mature actor.

MBLAQ, a group aiming at the Hallyu pedestal, had its first solo concert on August 20th at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul.

[Interview : ] "Hello, we're MBLAQ!"

MBLAQ had a short press conference just before the concert began. It's obvious from the crowd that everyone has high hopes for this five-member boy band.

[Interview : PD] "How do you feel about the concert[Interview : Seungho, Member
] "This is our first solo concert. We've been dreaming about this for so long. Just looking at the stage is making my heart beat so fast right now."

Of the 6500-member crowd at the concert, there were quite a few fans who flew in from abroad to support MBLAQ.

[Interview : PD] "Who has the most fans abroad[Interview : G.O, Member
MBLAQ] "It's different in every country. Cheon Dung is very popular in Thailand and Taiwan. In Japan, it's me. I'm sorry. I'm kidding."

The five members of MBLAQ made the hot summer night even steamier with their performances of their hit songs, as well as songs that the members had written themselves.

We hear that MBLAQ is preparing for a concert tour around Asia! We can't wait to see how they'll sing and dance into the hearts of fans all over the world.
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