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weekly star scene Updated: 2011-08-17 00:00:00 KST

: It's time for "weekly star scene" our selection of the top 5 stories that rocked the world of entertainment in Korea for the past week!

: Hold onto your seats because we have our one and only Dami in the studio with us! Hello Dami!

[Reporter : ] : Hey guys!

: What do you have for us today Dami[Reporter : ] : Well, I'm pretty sure you guys have noticed, but many people these days have been out on vacation enjoying their summer!
And I was wondering, have you guys thought about where you'd like to go:

[Reporter : ] :
Well, with K-pop fever these days, many international fans have chosen Korea as their vacation spot!
On August 13th, there was a huge concert held in Incheon and about 6,500 fans attended from 10 different countries!
The power of K-pop is growing day by day and today we begin with news about the concert that drove hallyu fans wild over the weekend!! Let's go!!

The summer of 2011 is hotter than ever, and the heat went up several degrees at the 2011 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival!

The hottest issue of the day was G-Dragon who shocked his fans by unveiling a buzzcut under his hat!

G-Dragon was at Pentaport with his fellow BIGBANG members Taeyang and TOP. They drove the crowd wild with their passionate performance!

[Interview : ] "Say, "Yeah!""

[Interview : ] "Say, "Oh, oh!""

[Interview : ] "Now, scream!"

G-Dragon topped off his new hairdo with a dandy fedora, showing off his much admired sense of style. He really surprised fans this summer with his new hairdo. We wonder what will this cool kid come up with next!

Movie lovers have joined hands for the 3rd DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival or DMZ Docs! Its organizing committee, including An Seong-gi [안성기], Yoo Ji-tae [유지태] as well as chairman Jo Jae-hyeon [조재현] gathered to announce their plans for the event.

[Interview : PD] "What is the commissioning ceremony for the 3rd DMZ Korean Intl. Film Festival[Interview : Jo Jae-hyeon, Actor] "With the film festival kicking off on Sept. 22, the organizing committee has gathered to announce and discuss its plan for the festival."

Korea is the sole remaining divided nation in the world, and the demilitarized zone is a symbol of the fragile peace. DMZ Docs has become a major festival for filmmakers worldwide.

Top stars were appointed as members of the organizing committee for the DMZ Docs that day. The film festival which features 100 documentaries from 30 participating 30 countries, will be held from the 22nd to the 28th of September in Paju. Be sure not to miss it!

A very special concert was held, in which fans got to meet with their much missed stars doing their military service.

It was a concert commemorating the special exhibition of the Oegyujanggak Uigwe, which returned to Korea from France after 145 years.

Stars serving in the military participated in the concert to share the joy of having the royal records returned.

[Interview : ] "We are corporals Lee Dong-geon and Kim Ji-seok, MCs for the Oegyujanggak Uigwe special concert. Attention! Salute! "

There was a special performance by Andy from Shinhwa, the orginal hallyu idols. It had been a while since he'd been onstage and the fans just couldn't get enough of this star!

Then there was Lee Joon-gi [이준기]who livened up the event with his witty commentary.

[Interview : ] "I am Lee Joon-gi, your MC for today. Attention!"

It's true, a real star never fades. Lee Joon-gi [이준기] showed his talents to charm the crowd even as a soldier. His fun and lively emceeing really brought the mood up to the next level!

Celebrity soldiers gathered to share the great national joy with the public. We'll be waiting for them to safely complete their service and return to the stage and the screen!
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