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Landslides Caused by Heavy Downpours in Korea Kills More Than 20 Updated: 2011-07-27 12:00:00 KST

Landslides Caused by Heavy Downpours in Korea Kills More Than 20
A midnight landslide caused by heavy downpours in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province swept away several houses and buildings, leaving 13 dead and 26 injured.
What was even more tragic was that ten of those 13 were college students who came to do volunteer work over their summer break.
About 750 emergency workers have been dispatched to the area, but the rescue operation wasn't easy due to the pouring rain.
And Chuncheon was not the only place hit hard by the precipitation.
Main roads in the capital Seoul, usually filled with hundreds of cars, were filled with muddy water instead, leaving many commuters with no choice but to abandon their vehicles.

[Interview : Seoul resident] "I have been waiting for the tow truck for over an hour. Even it can't get in here."

Even those who chose to take the subway weren't safe.
Parts of the metro lines were temporarily closed throughout the day as the overflowing rain managed to get into the underground stations as well.

[Interview : Seoul resident] "I am on my way to work but it is taking longer than usual for the train to arrive."

Meanwhile, at the foot of Umyeon Mountain in Southern Seoul, at least 7 people were killed by a wave of mudslides that engulfed nearby residential areas.
With more than 20 people reported dead nationwide and at least 6 missing as of Wednesday, some one,five-hundred military personnel have been sent to different parts of Seoul and the surrounding area for emergency operations.

[Reporter : Laah Hyun-kyung] "Rescue and restoration work took place around the nation throughout the day but with additional rain in the forecast, it looks like the number of landslides and flood victims will only rise over the next couple of days.
Laah Hyun-kyung, Arirang News."
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