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weekly star scene Updated: 2011-07-21 00:00:00 KST

: It's time for weekly star scene, a round up of the top 5 stories in entertainment from the past week!

: We have our beautiful Dami here with us in the studio. Hello Dami[Reporter : ] : Hello 건영! Hello Sean! I was wondering do you happen to have any favorite artists : _____________ .

[Reporter : ] : Well, the music charts have become a battleground of fierce competition, and there is one girl group that has emerged victoriously. Of course, they're none other than Miss A. They topped all the music charts in one go with their latest album! Are you guys ready to handle the sizzling hot girl power

Suzy, Min, Fei and Jia are the sweethearts with an attitude! Together, they are miss A!

Say goodbye to the sugary sweet girls of the past! miss A is here to knock you out with their powerful performance and edgy sound.

As soon as miss A's new album hit the stores, the title track "Good-bye Baby" topped all major music charts in Korea!
Their fans must have really been anticipating it as it is their first full length album since their debut in 2010.

Let's keep our eyes on this girl group's incredible rise!

Tony An participated in a charity bazaar for hearing impaired children. Flocks of fans came to see him as befitting the alumnus of K-pop giant H.O.T. He took the microphone at the auction himself, smoothly leading the event to success.

[Interview : Tony An, Singer] "It's not easy to come by such opportunities to help those in need, so it feels really good to participate. I hope this charity bazaar helps the hearing impaired find hope in their lives."

Then there is the gorgeous actor Won Bin who did his part to help the needy. He recently took part in a pledge as a new global ambassador for UNICEF. I'm sure with his encouragement, we will all be ready to do our part for children around the world!

Inspired by these superstars with hearts of gold, we'll be sure to help out too!

The girl group KARA is enjoying huge popularity in Japan as well as Korea! Its member Gu Ha-ra is also enjoying top star status for her sweet and lovely image.

Such charms were what led to her selection as the brand model for the world famous crystal brand with a 115-year history. Their new hello kitty design is the very picture of girlish charm.

[Interview : PD
] "Why do you think you were selected as the brand model[Interview : Gu Ha-ra, Member of KARA] "I think I am enjoying such popularity thanks to KARA's huge popularity."

Gu Ha-ra goes hand in hand with these crystal kitties for a photoshoot. She strikes a series of poses and expressions, each lovelier than the next. She has the sparkling charm to match the shine of the crystals! Let's cheer on Ha-ra and her group, KARA as they continue to sparkle their way into our hearts!
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