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Synthetic Species of Jeju Black Pigs Developed in Korea Updated: 2011-07-11 12:00:00 KST

Synthetic Species of Jeju Black Pigs Developed in Korea
The Jeju black pig, or heuk-doe-ji in Korean, is a unique domestic breed of pig that is only found on Korea's Jeju Island.
And although they provide consumers with a distinct and unique high-quality taste, the breed's rate of reproduction is quite low, making it difficult to secure large quantities of the meat
So, in an effort to tackle the issue, Korea's Rural Development Administration has found a way to genetically breed these black pigs at a faster pace, while keeping their meat juicy and chewy.

[Interview : Koh Moon-suk, Chief
Subtropical Animal Experiment Station] "The growth rate of these genetically modified pigs has improvedso they are almost as same as other breeds and the number of piglets born has also increased to more than regular pigs now."

These synthetic species of black pigs were made possible through a genetic technology, which combines certain genomes of regular pigs with those of black pigs.
These are the fourth generation of their kindthey grow faster than non-synthetic black pigs but the quality of the meat has stayed the same.
Researchers are hopeful that the growth rate will speed up after the fourth generation making them even more prevalent in the market.

[Interview : Cho In-chul, Researcher
Subtropical Animal Experiment Station] "Black pigs have higher intramuscular fats than regular pigs. By consuming these pigs, we can build a good amount of unsaturated fat in our body which is good for our health."

The Rural Development Administration says it aims to distribute more of these synthetic pigs to farms in two to three years time.
Laah Hyun-kyung, Arirang News.
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