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Tablet PCs Change Korea's Educational Environment Updated: 2011-05-31 12:00:00 KST

Tablet PCs Change Korea's Educational Environment
Tablet PCs are taking the world's IT market by storm.

Korea is no exception to the trend, with tablet PC users roaming its streets everywhere.

Now, tablet PCs are transforming not just the way we live but also the way we learn.

We're now at an elementary school in Incheon, where students are taking lessons at a whole new level.
On their desks are tablet PCs and electronic pens instead of the usual paper and pencils.
This is a classroom of the digital age.

This school is currently conducting digital textbook lessons for 4th and 5th graders.

[Interview : Han Gyeong-su, Vice Principal
Incheon Samsan Elementary School] "The digital textbook is a technology combining reference books, exercise books and other resources into one device. It could totally change our educational paradigm."

These lessons are conducted using digital textbooks, which are tablet PCs with a touch screen and keyboard.

[Interview : ] "Press the "write" button and type in your opinions."

The students type in their answers. These are sent automatically to the teacher's electronic blackboard.

They can also go online to satisfy their curiosity on the spot.

[Interview : ] "Mu-jin, Se-yoeng and Won-jun have uploaded their opinions. Let me share Won-jun's opinion with you."

[Interview : Lee Dong-ha, 4th grader
Incheon Samsan Elementary School
] "Lessons used to be conducted using paper textbooks and it was boring. I felt sleepy and unhappy during class. With the digital textbook, I think the lessons have come alive and studying has become much more fun."

[Interview : Kim Da-ae, 4th grader
Incheon Samsan Elementary School
] "It's less trouble. My hand used to hurt after writing for a long time with the pen. The electronic pen hurts less."

Digital textbooks are changing Korean education in many ways.

Instead of plain old books,

a variety of contents can be found on the tablet PC.

Homework used to be done on workbooks,

but now it is submitted directly by an electronic pen.

This means that clunky school bags ,

have become much lighter with the tablet PC replacing heavy books.

However, the greatest advantage of digital textbooks is that students are motivated to find answers for themselves.

[Interview : Choi So-won, Teacher
Incheon Samsan Elementary School] "With their individual tablet PCs, students willingly participate
in lessons without the teacher having to ask them to pay attention. The concentration of the students has improved dramatically."

The Korea Educational Research and Information Service is in charge of this nationwide digital textbook project.

It is where the future of education is being created.

There are about 130 schools nationwide conducting digital textbook lessons.

[Interview : Lee Chang-gon, Researcher
Korea Education Research & Information Service
] "With the development of IT technology, education will become
more tailored to individual needs. To adapt to such changes, we
are researching effective teaching methods and materials for the
digital textbook."

While classrooms of the future are becoming more digitalized, tablet PC sales have been rising constantly in Korea.

Projected sales are over 1 million units for this year and 6 million for 2013.

The publishing industry is also expecting to gain from tablet PC sales.

A large bookstore in Korea recently installed an e-book trial corner as interest in e-books has grown along with tablet PC use.

[Interview : Im Tae-min, Customer] "It's very portable, being so thin and light. The novelty factor makes me want to use the device and read more. It's also easier to look up new words so it's convenient."

The most popular contents are educational materials for children. These colorful and interactive applications help children learn as they have fun.

[Interview : Wu Rihm] "It's fun. I would like to have one of these so I can listen to lectures when I'm on my own."

[Interview : Kim Ji-yeong, Customer] I used to think tablet PCs were just for playing games. However, now it offers many educational materials, and the right programs could make it a very useful learning tool."

Thanks to the tablet PC, e-books have become more familiar to readers.

[Interview : Jang Gi-yeong, Director
Korea Electronic Publishing Association] "There used to be a lack of contents but now there are more than 100,000 titles available. Sales of online e-book stores have increased six times since last year."

The rise of the tablet PC has changed the way students learn and the way we teach them.

Educational businesses are hard at work, developing more and better content for tablet PCs.

This is a children's book that enjoyed huge popularity in paper form. Now it has become even more fun as an e-book for the tablet PC.

[Interview : Park Mun-su, Employee at an educational publisher] "It is not a simple traditional input system of typing, but a multidimensional system involving various methods of touching. It creates a more hands-on learning environment."

Books are much more interactive on the tablet PC. Shakes and touches cause objects on the screen to move.

This book took the top sales spot in an online store just 4 days after its release, showing the power of interactivity.

Educational services on tablet PCs are expected to keep increasing.

Tablet PCs are the next platform for the growth of Korean education.
As technology develops, so does education, and we look forward to what the future holds!


I look up so much information on my tablet constantly.
And I just wish I was able to fit all of my textbooks onto a tab when I was going to school.
Do you remember some of those movies back in the 1980s that showed a future full of gadgets that we could only dream of Who would have thought that you could touch screens to move around information and fit a whole backpack full of books onto something the size of a notepad So who knows what students will be able to use 30 years from now.
Interesting thought isn't it Surely. And, what we could not think of 30 years ago. Well, here's something that we could not have imagined 30 years ago. The Hallyu fever.
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