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Weekly Star Scene Updated: 2011-05-03 00:00:00 KST

: It's time for our "weekly star scene" where we bring you the hottest entertainment news from the past week!

: I know, it's not our usual Wednesday. But, we wanted to brighten your day a day earlier this week.
We have in the studio, our one and only Lee-Dami!

[Reporter : ] : Hello 건영 and Hello Sean! I don't know about you guys, but it always makes me proud to see Korean stars being appreciated by fans and media around the world.
Which is why I have gathered news about some of our favorite Hallyu stars for today's "Weekly Star Scene."
Let's check them right away!

First up, singer Rain has once again made it into TIME magazine's list of the top 100 most influential people in the world! Not only that, he even topped the online poll for the TIME 100!

Rain had been selected for the TIME 100 list in 2006, the first ever for a Korean celebrity! Now, he has the honor of being the first person in all Asia to make it into the TIME 100 twice.

[Interview : Rain, Singer] "Thank you very much. I gain my strength to accomplish new things from you. I especially love those of you who bring me food. Please take care of yourself. Thank you."

Ji Jin-hee is a Hallyu star who made his name across East Asia for his role in the hit drama "Daejanggeum". Now, he has stepped into the new field of voice acting. He seems incredibly confident though, maybe because he has done his homework, with some help from his son.

[Interview : PD] "Did you have any difficulties while voicing this movie[Interview : Ji Jin-hee, Actor] "I had actually watched this animation many times. I have a son, and we watched it together. That's how I became interested in the part. So the voice acting wasn't that hard for me."

Let's now hope that Ji Jin-hee's voice charms the little ones as well as the ladies!

The singer Sean, along with his fellow stars , Park Jin-hui and Choi Yeo-jin have once again put themselves forward for a good cause. They took part in "Walk for Water 2011" to promote the importance of water conservation. Sean, who has been taking part in this event for three years straight, shared his thoughts with us.

[Interview : Sean, Singer] "The course for "Walk for Water 2011" is 6 km long. The organizers will match every meter walked with 1 won in donations, so 6 km will mean 6,000 won, or roughly US$5, donated to the cause of water conservation. I hope everyone here completes the entire course."

[Interview : Park Jin-hui, Actress] "Korea is a water scarce country but we don't feel the pinch in our daily lives as we get to use as much water as we want. I hope the "Walk for Water 2011" will help people realize the value of water through experience."

I‘m sure everyone shares my appreciation on this beautiful act by the stars to make our planet greener.

The beautiful Kan Mi youn is a Hallyu star active in both Korea and China! It has already been 15 years since she made her debut as part of Baby Vox! She once again shows off her sexy side with a new photo shoot.

[Interview : Kan Mi-youn, Singer] "It shows me in a variety of different concepts, from girl next door to queen of the night, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Macao."

As Kan Mi-youn is well known in the Chinese speaking world, she received a passionate welcome from her fans in Macao.

[Interview : Kan Mi-youn, Singer] "At the airport, some fans gave me a soft drink sold only in Macao. I enjoyed it very much."

Kan Mi-youn has made a huge comeback as one of the hottest Hallyu stars. We can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.
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