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This Week's Cultural News Updated: 2011-04-21 00:00:00 KST

The 1980s and 90s popular Korean television program "March of Youth" has returned as a musical.

[Interview : Kim Ji-woo, Role of "Oh Yeong-sim"] "Hello, I am Kim Ji-woo, and I play the role of "Oh Yeong-sim" in the musical "March of Youth." "

[Interview : Kim San-ho, Role of "Wang Gyeong-tae" ] "Hello, this is Kim San-ho, and I play the role of "Wang Gyeong-tae." Since we are joined by aspiring young people, this will be a more fun and lively march."

The golden songs and dance moves by singers like Park Mi-gyeong and Roo'ra from the 80s and 90s heat up the stage.

[Interview : Jeon Ah-min, Role of "Sangnam" ] "We have compiled sentimental classics from Korean pop."

[Interview : Lee Chang-yong, Role of "Wang Gyeong-tae"] "It is a fun performance that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and gender."

The musical brings nostalgic memories as it reunites Korea's popular cartoon character "Yeong-sim" and her devoted admirer "Gyeong-tae" as adults.

[Interview : ] "Lots of fun that will make you laugh to your heart's content!"

[Interview : ] "With much passion and enthusiasm!"

[Interview : ] "We will put our best efforts to make the musical four times more fun! "

Through dynamic performances, this musical will present another precious memory for many.

Korea's creative musical "Singing in the Rain" has returned with its final set of performances that will bring this 17-years-old musical to a grand finale.

This musical about family love introduces the heartwarming story of two brothers, Dong-wuk and Dong-hyeon. In 2007, "Singing in the Rain" proudly became Korea's first creative musical to be exported abroad through licensing.

This story about family affection and heartaching growing pains will bring the sound of raindrops to resonate in the viewers' hearts. The musical "Singing in the Rain" will be running until May 29 at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul.

Is art always difficult to understand

[Interview : Jeong Hae-won, Curator] "Children and adults all consider art pieces to be difficult, so we have prepared an exhibition where people can enjoy them through all five senses. Because the pieces vary in their types and the materials used, it will be a fun visit to the art gallery for the entire family."

This exhibition consists of various parts that range from the colorful section of paintings, to the poly-sensory experience section where science and art meet together in the form of media production. Through the use of all five senses, the viewers can appreciate the pieces in new ways.

[Interview : Lee Seung-mi, Visitor] "It was very unique and fun."

[Interview : Lee Hye-hui, Visitor] "It was nice to see art pieces that are made of novel materials."

Can saying goodbye ever be a beautiful experience[Interview : Bae Jong-ok, Actress ] "It is a heartwarming movie that will make you empathize with warm family relations and the preciousness of life as a family says goodbye to the mom whom they had always taken for granted."

[Interview : Kim Kap-soo, Actor] "It will be a movie that will encourage you to reflect on your own family."

[Interview : Seo Yeong-hee, Actress] "This movie will present you with the forgotten meanings of family warmth and affection."

A heartwarming movie about the importance of family, "The Most Beautiful Goodbye," will move the audience members to tears this spring.
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