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First Request to Use Fresh Embryo for Stem Cell Research Updated: 2011-04-18 00:00:00 KST

A Korean institute has asked to use fresh non-frozen embryos for customized stem cell research, marking the first such request by a Korean organization.
CHA Health and Human Services submitted a request for approval Monday, that, if granted, would allow them to use in-vitro blastomere in the four-cell stage, to multiply into embryonic stem cells.
Researchers at CHA explain that genetic defects and the gender of the fetus will be discovered through the process, and embryonic stem cells will be secured.
However, the technique is controversial as an embryo in this step is seen as the beginning of a life.
Only frozen embryos have been used so far, and stem cell research using fresh embryos is currently forbidden by law.
The approval will be deliberated on April 27th in a National Bioethics Committee meeting.
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