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cultural news Updated: 2011-04-15 00:00:00 KST

The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra has signed a recording contract with Deutsche Grammophon, a classical music label owned by Universal Music Group International.

Beginning this year, the Seoul Philharmonic will be releasing two albums under the Deutsche Grammophon label each year for the next 5 years. The orchestra became the first in Asia to sign a long-term recording contract with the renowned classical label.

[Interview : Chung Myung-whun, Music director
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra] "Deutsche Grammophon is an amazing company. I could not be more pleased that the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra has this opportunity of a five-year contract."

Arirang Today met with Sandy Monteiro, who came to Korea for the signing ceremony.

[Interview : Sandy Monteiro, President
Universal Music Group International ] "Universal Music is the biggest music company in the world. Deutsche Grammophon is the biggest classical label in the world. We wouldn't be looking at the Seoul Philharmonic if they weren't any good. The fact that we are looking to sign with them indicates that they are a world-class orchestra."

[Interview : Sandy Monteiro, President
Universal Music Group International ] "We understand that he's a perfectionist, and he's somebody who will continue to grow the credibility and the capability of the orchestra. Also, [what's important is] the identification of Korea as a key music market and also a key market for classical."

The Cirque du Soleil's latest show, Varekai, has received star reviews from over 100 million audience members in 300 cities on 5 different continents. It has now arrived in Korea, and tickets are selling fast.

"Varekai," meaning "anywhere" in the Romany language of the gypsies, is a story of the romantic adventures of a boy who overcomes fear to find hope and love in a magical land.

Varekai will continue to amaze the Korean audience with its fantastic choreography, music, and costumes until May 8th at the Big Top in Jamsil Sports Complex Square.

"Jekyll & Hyde" is undoubtedly Broadway's most popular show in Korea. The smashing success of this musical has resulted in the extension of its 2011 run to August.

All of the shows to May 7th, in which actor Jo Seung-woo will play the part of Dr. Jekyll, are completely sold out. Until a new Dr. Jekyll is cast, the role will be shared between Kim Jun-hyeon and Hong Gwang-ho.

"Jekyll and Hyde" includes many of the decade's most popular musical theater selections. Don't miss out on the chance to see this amazing show, now upgraded with two more Dr. Jekylls.

Spring 2011 has come bringing an upgraded version of "Miso," the original Korean musical.

This is the love story of Chunhyang and Mongryong, the protagonists of the Korean folk tale Chunhyangjeon , or Tale of Chunhyang.

[Interview : Choi Jeong-im, Art director
Musical "Miso"] ""Miso" is a traditional Korean musical based on the "Tale of Chunhyang," expressing a story of love through dance, song, and instrumental music."

The upgraded show includes new plots of love and jealousy of the other characters, including Byeon Hakdo, the magistrate who steps between Chunhyang and Mongryong.

The musical "Miso" has an 80-member cast including 37 dancers and 21 instrumental musicians.

This talented team creates a fantastic performance of dynamic music and dance. It is a great chance for audience members to experience the beauty and harmony of Korean music.

[Interview : Oguchi Yosio, Audience member
Japan] "I was really moved as well as surprised with the beauty of the performance. I've never seen such a performance before, and I want to keep seeing it."

[Interview : Rick & Nola Schramm, Audience members
United States] "Even though we didn't speak the language, we knew what was being said.
Got a little bit of tears in my eyes at the end."

What defines a father's love[Interview : Kim Seung-woo, Role of "Jong-sik"] "I play a bad father who is unable to be there for his daughter."

[Interview : Kim Sae-ron, Role of "Min-ji"] "My character is a girl who doesn't speak to her father after a traumatic experience."

Sang-man is a man who served a prison sentence after he was unjustly framed by Jong-sik, a corrupt detective.

Sang-man plots his revenge against Jong-sik, who is willing to go to all lengths to find a heart transplant for his daughter Min-ji. A battle begins between Sang-man, and Jong-sik, who is desperately trying to save his daughter.

[Interview : Kim Seung-woo, Role of "Jong-sik"] "We all believe that our movie has a very deep story, and that is what will bring people to come and see it."

The action drama "I Am a Dad" tells the story of how a man succumbs to evil to save his daughter. It is sure to be a moving yet thrilling experience.
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