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weekly star scene_VCR1 Updated: 2011-02-23 00:00:00 KST

Next we'll be moving on to our next segment of "Weekly Star Scene."

We have our Dami in the studio today. Hello Dami!

[Reporter : ] Hello, sean and 건영! Today for we're going to start off with Park Jin-young, who has debuted as an actor through the TV drama "Dream High," and has been chosen to be a model for a commercial. Let's kick off this week's with the latest news from this super-multi-entertainer.

Park Jin-yeong has been chosen to represent a laptop brand in its newest commercials. He is now taking his first steps as a model.

[Interview : Park Jin-yeong, Singer]
[Interview : ] "Why did you decide to try acting[Interview : Park Jin-yeong, Singer] "I don't think there's anything more exciting than trying your hand at something new. That's how I went from being a back dancer to being a singer, then to being a producer. Now I'm trying my hand at acting."

These days, Park Jin-yeong is best known to the public for his role of "Yang Jin-man" in the TV drama "Dream High."

[Interview : Park Jin-yeong, Singer]
[Interview : ] Your acting is receiving good reviews.
[Interview : Park Jin-yeong, Singer] "It's my first time acting, so I was really nervous at first. I think everyone wasn't expecting much of me, so my acting seems much better than it is."

From singing to acting, and now to modeling! We can't wait to see what else Park Jin-yeong has in store for us in the future.

Stars turned out to cheer on "The Showdown," a movie definitely worth showing up for!

Lee Byeong-heon showed off his charisma dressed in all black. Kim Min-hui's fashion style was perfect as always.

Cha Tae-hyeon, who always brightens the mood, also came to talk about his friendship with "The Showdown" stars.

[Interview : Cha Tae-hyeon, Actor]
[Interview : ] "Who invited you to the preview[Interview : Cha Tae-hyeon, Actor] "I was invited by everyone in general. I know a lot of people on the cast, so I'm very excited about seeing the movie."

"The Showdown" features a battle to the death between three men! We hope that the support of many other fellow stars will lead the movie to success.

Kim Na-yeong, who has been delighting TV viewers with her bright smile, is changing her image with a new sexy pictorial.

[Interview : Kim Na-yeong, Celebrity]
[Interview : ] "Tell us about your new pictorial."
[Interview : Kim Na-yeong, Celebrity] "Hello, I'm Kim Na-yeong. I traveled to Macau for this pictorial and I tried to capture a very different side of me against the beautiful backdrop of Macau."

Kim Na-yeong boasts a beautiful, glamorous body. She says she stays in shape with regular exercise.

[Interview : Kim Na-yeong, Celebrity]
[Interview : ] "How do you stay in shape[Interview : Kim Na-yeong, Celebrity] "I work out at the same gym as 2PM and 2AM. They work out next to me and it makes everything more fun."

We are all eager to see what her pictures in Macau will look like! We can't wait to see what Na-yeong will show us next.

Park Jeong-min of SS501 held a fan meeting to celebrate the release of his first solo album. He became the first member of SS501 to go solo when he released his album "NOT ALONE" in January. At the fan meeting, Park Jeong-min had a wonderful time shaking hands and signing autographs for his fans.

Actress Lee Yeon-hui has transformed into a photographer becoming the talk of the town. On February 11th, a gallery in Gangnam, Seoul featured her exhibition "Time." One wall of the exhibition was filled with pictures that Lee Yeon-hui had taken of herself.

[Interview : ] "Do you take pictures of yourself often[Interview : Lee Yeon-hui, Celebrity] "I actually don't like taking pictures of myself very much. I don't take pictures like this very often, but when I'm in another country I like to have evidence that I was really there. "

It has been reported that all of the proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to help people with disabilities. Lee Yeon-hui is beautiful both inside and out! We hope she continues to push herself to new limits.
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