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weekly star scene Updated: 2011-02-16 00:00:00 KST

Next we'll be moving on to our next segment of "Weekly Star Scene."

We have our entertainment reporter Lee Dami in the studio with us, today.
Hello Dami!

[Reporter : ] Hello, sean and 건영!

Well, what do you have for us today[Reporter : ] Today for , as always, I'll deliver the news and issues that heated up the entertainment industry! First up is the news of JYJ's Kim Jun-su, who is enjoying stardom as a musical actor as well as a recording artist. Let's kick off this week's by taking a look at this new dark horse of the musical industry.

On February 1st, a press conference was held for the much-anticipated musical "Tears of Heaven," which had been getting much attention as a production of an all-star Broadway team. In Korea, the addition of JYJ's Kim Jun-su and Davichi's Lee Hae-ri to the cast has raised anticipations even higher.

[Interview : ] "Tell us about your character."
[Interview : ] "Hello, I'm Kim Jun-su. I will be playing the character of "Jun" and singing the first song of the performance."

Jun-su, we're looking forward to a great show!

The movie "Late Autumn" held a special preview ahead of its release in Korea. Many Korean stars showed up on the red carpet to congratulate "Late Autumn"'s stars, Hyeon Bin and Tang Wei.

[Interview : Ji Jin-hui, Actor] "Everything feels great. Hyeon Bin, I'll enjoy the movie. You're awesome, and I hope you finish your military duty safe and sound. I'll be here waiting when you get back. Good luck!"

[Interview : Seong Yu-ri, Actress] "I came to see Hyeon Bin's movie. I almost got trampled on my way up here."

There were many stars already inside the theater. Shin Min-a was there, as well as Ha Ji-won and Kim Sa-rang, both of whom recently starred alongside Hyeon Bin in the TV drama "Secret Garden." Seol Gyeong-gu could also be spotted in the crowd.

[Interview : Tang Wei, Actress] "Hello, I'm Tang Wei. I am so happy to be here in Korea, having starred in a Korean movie."

[Interview : Hyeon Bin, Actor] "Hello, this is Hyeon Bin. I know that everyone here is extremely busy and has tight schedules. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here today."

"Late Autumn" will soon be in theaters. We hope that it will be as successful as everyone has wished it to be!

The movie "Hyehwa, Dong" has opened a special preview for many Korean stars. Chan-seong and Jun-ho of 2PM appeared in stylish outfits.

[Interview : Jun-ho, Member of 2PM]
[Interview : ] "Please say something to the cast."
[Interview : Jun-ho, Member of 2PM] "I'm going to enjoy the movie today, and learn a lot from it. Good luck to "Hyehwa, Dong"!"

Actor Kim Beom also came to the preview to lend encouragement to the movie's lead actor, Yu Yeon-seok.

[Interview : Kim Beom, Actor]
[Interview : ] "Please say something to the cast."
[Interview : Kim Beom, Actor] "Yu Yeon-seok invited me to this preview. I love indie movies, so I'm sure I'll enjoy myself today."

The movie "Love is Scary," starring Lim Chang-jeong and Kim Gyu-ri, held a production report conference.

[Interview : Lim Chang-jeong, Actor]
[Interview : ] "Tell us about your third son."
[Interview : Lim Chang-jeong, Actor] "This is sort of embarrassing to say about my own son, but he's really good-looking. I'm going to compare him with Jang Dong-geon's son when I have the chance. I want to see who's better-looking."

We're all curious to find out whose baby will be deemed the more handsome one!

We hope that Lim Chang-jeong's "Love is Scary," to be released in March, will be a big success!

So Ji-seop, an actor with an unimitable charisma! Shin Min-a, the loveliest girl! Jeong Woo-seong, an actor with a perfectly chiseled face! Three A-list top stars have come together in one place to attend a clothing brand launching party.

[Interview : Jeong Woo-seong, Actor] "Shin Min-a is my ideal type."

Jeong Woo-seong's idea of the ideal woman is Shin Min-a! How does she feel about the matter

[Interview : Shin Min-a, Actress]
[Interview : ] "Tell us about your type."
[Interview : Shin Min-a, Actress] " A man who loves me~"

Shin Min-a, Jeong Woo-seong, So Ji-seop! We look forward to seeing you all onscreen soon!

KARA's member Park Gyu-ri has come back since the group began their legal battle.

At the outset of the legal battle, rumors that Park Gyu-ri was a loner in the group had circulated thanks to her conspicuous absence from the contract breach.

[Interview : ] "What do you have to say about the rumors[Interview : ] "All of the KARA members get along really well. It's almost ridiculous that I even have to explain these rumors. We are all very good friends."

KARA has recently resumed activities in Japan. We hope to see them onstage soon in Korea as well!
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