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Top 10 Most Popular Searches of 2010 Updated: 2010-12-29 00:00:00 KST

What an eventful year 2010 was! What was the world interested the most in this year

Created in 2009 by then-17-year-old Russian Andrey Ternovskiy , Chatroulette is a social networking service that randomly pairs users and lets them have webcam-based conversations, and it has become into a global hit.

Right behind Chatroulette is the iPad!

[Interview : ] "We call it the 'iPad'"

The iPad, released in April, is a portable tablet PC that doesn't need a keyboard and boots instantaneously. It was an instant hit, with sales of up to 13 million units all over the world.

Justin Bieber~!
Following the iPad is pop and R&B singer Justin Bieber !

Justin Bieber took the entertainment world by storm in 2010 as the greatest pop idol, and was Google's most searched celebrity.

Youtube, the world's biggest video-sharing website, has celebrated the 400 millionth viewing of the music video for Bieber's hit song "Baby."

Number 4 on the list is also another artist.

Nicky Minaj , who exploded into the music scene in June through her single "Your Love," won three awards at the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

The music video for one of her latest singles, "Check it Out," featured Hangul characters, which made it the focus of attention.

At number five stands Friv .

Friv is a site filled with some 250 simple Flash games like Tetris or pool. The site, too, is a popular destination for web surfers.

Myxer follows Friv at number 6!

A specialist site in mobile contents, Myxer has a huge repository of free contents easily accessible by anyone around the world.

Number 7 is Katy Perry!

3 songs from Perry's second album "Teenage Dream" were number 1 hits on the Billboard singles chart. This is a first for a female artist in 11 years.

Sitting at number 9 is Gamezer.

Gamezer is an online game site that is especially popular in the Middle East.

At number 8 and 10 are Tweeter and Facebook, respectively.

These are social networking services that allow users to easily maintain their social networks online. 170 million users have registered with Twitter while there are more than 500 million Facebook users.

[Interview : Min Gyeong-bae, Professor
Department of NGO Studies, Kyung Hee Cyber University] "I believe social network services are popular because anyone can easily use them to create their own social networks."

So far, these have been the most popular searches in the world.

So, what were the most popular searches in Korea this year[Interview : ] "Baseball[Interview : ] "Kim Yuna[Interview : ] "The World Cup!"

The most popular searches in Korea was released by Yahoo Korea.

The number one search was the 2010 World Cup!

The love for soccer has not dimmed ever since the 2002 World Cup, co-hosted by Korea and Japan.

During the 2010 World Cup held in June, which was Korea's 7th consecutive participation, and for the first time, advanced to the group of 16 at a World Cup held on foreign soil.

The Cheonan incident was the second most popular search.

On March 26, the Cheonan, a corvette of the Republic of Korea Navy, sunk after a torpedo attack by North Korea. Its 46 fatalities brought much sorrow to the nation.

At number 3 is the smartphone!

Since last november's introduction of the iPhone's in Korea, the number of smartphone users reached 7 million in Korea, and social networking is also becoming very popular in its wake.

[Interview : Hwang Yu-seon, Researcher of journalism
Korea Press Foundation] "As smartphones become more commonplace, users have better access to Internet. One can say that the reason behind the smartphone's popularity lies in the fact that users can always carry it around and use it wherever they go."

Behind the smartphone is Superstar K.

Superstar K is an audition program based on American Idol, a program from the United States. It became a hot topic when it got a record of 18.1% viewer rating, a figure that is unheard of from cable TV programs.

We can't forget the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Korea ranked fifth on the medal tally in this year's Winter Olympics, held in February. This has been Korea's best record to date.

[Interview : Kwon Sun-gi, Seoul resident] "I think the most memorable scene from the 2010 Winter Olympics was when Kim Yuna won the gold medal and shed tears."

Figure skater Kim Yu-na's tears of joy for her record-breaking performance and subsequent gold medal moved the nation.

Next at number 6 is the municipal elections.

Held in June, the nationwide elections featured a voter turnout of 54.5%, the highest since 1995.

Number 7 is the drama "King of Baking, Kim Tak-gu!"

"King of Baking Kim Tak-gu," also known as the nation's drama, brought out "Kim Tak-gu Syndrome" with a record viewer rating of 50.8%.

At number 8 is the late actor-singer Choi Jin-yeong.

The younger brother of late actress Choi Jin-sil, who committed suicide in 2008, followed his sister in her footsteps in March, bringing much sadness to Korea.

The movie "Avatar" comes in at Number 9.

The worldwide hit "Avatar" also made waves in Korea.

New records were set with a total of 13 million viewers and US$107 million in ticket sales. It was also a deciding factor in spurring the production of 3D movies in Korea.

Last but not least: unusual temperatures!

[Interview : ] "This was the heaviest snowfall to be recorded since meteorological observations began to be logged. There was nothing that could be done about it."

Korea witnessed its greatest snowfall in a century. Its cause was unusual temperatures from global warming, and it was a topic of great interest for many Koreans.

2010 was a year of a variety of hot topics from all over the spectrum!

Besides celebrities and social issues, smartphones and other IT-related searches have shown prominently.

What kind of searches lie in store for 2011
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