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Around the World 12/13 - Day Ed Updated: 2010-12-13 12:00:00 KST

Around the World 12/13 - Day Ed
It's already been 18 months since Michael Jackson passed away due to drug overdose.
Dedicated fans of the undisputed "King of Pop" will always be hungry for more of his music, and it looks like their prayers are answered.
Michael Jackson's posthumous album is ready to hit the shelves and die-hard Jacko fans are already counting down to the release date.
"Michael" is the first album of new Jackson material since "Invincible" back in 2001.
MJ started working on the album in 2007, but did not live to finish it.
So a handful of producers including Tricky Stewart and Akon stepped in to help save the album that may not have been completed.
But even with big names like Lenny Kravits and 50 Cent collaborating to help make this album a success, it is drawing much criticism.
Audio tools such as the Melodyne program are used to change the pitch recorded by Michael because he did not record the final versions of some of the songs.
Although producer Teddy Riley promises fans that they will still hear Michael Jackson's true voice, this album may be shunned by fans.
Not good news, since this is only the first of 9 more albums to be released through 2017.

The funeral for Elizabeth Edwards was held at Raleigh Church, North Carolina.
Elizabeth gained the spotlight as the driving force behind the political career of her ex-husband John.
She battled breast cancer and won in 2004, but in 2007 the cancer returned and it took her life on December 7, 2010.
She wrote books about her battles in life including cancer, her ex-husband's affair and the loss of her eldest child, Wade.
A Kansas-based congregation known for its opposition to homosexuals held protests near the funeral venue, as Elizabeth was an advocate of gay marriage.
But the small group was overshadowed by the 12-hundred mourners who came to pay their respect to the woman that inspired them with the way she lived.
Elizabeth Edwards will get to rest in peace close to her son, as she will be buried at the same cemetery as Wade.

An Antarctic cruise ship was battered and damaged during a violent storm, but no one was seriously injured and the ship brought all of its passengers safely back to land.
The 290-foot Clelia II was supposed to provide 77 tourists with deep wallets a luxurious holiday on water, but an unexpected series of giant waves changed all that.
The forces of nature battered the ship's bridge, broke a window and even soaked the communications equipment.
Fortunately, a passing ship, the National Geographic Explorer helped haul the distressed ship back to port.
Video clips of the ship's turbulent moments were watched by viewers from around the world.
Passengers received concerned calls and emails from all of their close friends and family after the ordeal was over and the clip was circulating online.
Surprisingly, most of the passengers said that their multi-thousand dollar trip was enjoyable despite the drama and that they wouldn't mind taking another cruise.
Daniel Choy, Arirang News.
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