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Korea Plans to Build 2nd Antarctic Research Base by 2014 Updated: 2010-11-16 00:00:00 KST

The project to build Korea's second research base in the Antarctic, the "Jangbogo," has set sail.
Named after a renowned maritime figure during the 9th century Unified Silla Kingdom, the 4,300 square meter base consisting of research centers and residences will be completed by a Hyundai Engineering & Construction-led consortium on the eastern Terra-Nova Bay by 2014.
The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs says the architecture of the post will rely on fluid dynamics to weather the frigid temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius and strong wind speeds of up to 65 meters per second.
And in order to minimize effects on the environment, the base will be operated under renewable energy systems and energy conserving systems that use solar and wind power, as well as waste heat and natural light.
The consortium plans to begin surveying the site early next year, after which most of the station's assembly will be done in Korea before the final phase of construction will take place in the Antarctic for 65 days.
The ministry explains there are only about 65 days a year when environmental conditions allow for such operations.
Upon completion of the "Jangbogo," Korea will have the capabilities to study climate change, geological characteristics and seismic activities on the Antarctic.
Currently, Korea has its first Antarctic King Sejong base on King George Island and the Dasan base on the Arctic.
Choi You-sun, Arirang News.


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