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A Village Where Autumn Ripens: Cheongdo Updated: 2010-10-29 12:00:00 KST

A Village Where Autumn Ripens: Cheongdo
Here in Cheongdo county of North Gyeongsang Province, a five-hour drive from Seoul, autumn brings one of the most stunning scenery of the year.
This is when the orange-red tint of delicious persimmons embroider this small village of stonewalls and traditional houses, while the glimmering trees gently sway in the autumn breeze.

[Interview : ] "These are seedless persimmons."

[Interview : ] "They are delicious and in excellent quality."

One of the most famous products among the delicious Hongsi, the fully mellowed ripe persimmons that serve as a local delicacy of Cheongdo, is a seedless, flat Hongsi called Bansi.

[Interview : Park Jeong-ja, Persimmon farmer
] "This is the busiest time of the year, because it's the harvest season. It is when our products are shipped to different regions across the country and when people from other cities, such as Seoul, visit our village to directly purchase our persimmons."

Recently, an increased number of tourists are heading to Cheongdo, which used to be a small and remote farming village.
The source of renewed interests is none other than the world's first-ever persimmon wine cellar, the Wine Tunnel, which has now become the farmers' new income source and the main tourist attraction of Cheongdo.

[Interview : Lee Gap-su, Managing Director
Cheongdo Persimmon Wine
] "The temperature inside this 1,000-meter tunnel is always maintained at 15 degrees Celsius. A new project is currently underway to develop this tunnel as a dynamic tourist destination that incorporates cultural and artistic activities with wine-sampling and other programs to promote our persimmon wine."

This historic tunnel also offers a special event that creates a memorable experience for the visitors.
The visitors are offered the chance to make a special and unique wine for themselves by participating in the wine-making process.
After cleansing the bottle, choosing the type of wine, corking the bottle and labeling it with their photo taken in the wine tunnel, the visitors can go home with the special bottle of wine named after themselves.

[Interview : Jeong Seong-hyeon, Jeong Yeong-hui
] "It is wonderful to be able to see the whole process of wine-making, from bottle cleansing to labeling. Now that we have labeled the bottle with our photo, this particular wine carries a special meaning for the two of us. We're going to save it for a special occasion. This was a memorable experience."

Autumn is finally here.
How about taking a memorable trip to Cheongdo, where the sweet scent of ripe fruit, the crimson autumn foliage and the remnants of the nation's valuable history beckon the fall guests
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