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Around the World for Monday, May 3 Updated: 2010-05-03 12:00:00 KST

Around the World for Monday, May 3
The power of music was demonstrated once again, this time in a town in Poland.
Thousands gathered to play their guitars simultaneously, nearly setting a new world record, again.
Four,five-hundred-and-ninety-seven guitars simultaneously played Jimmy Hendrix's "Hey Joe" in the picturesque town square of Wroclaw.
Music lovers and guitarists from all over Poland and Europe gathered to jam together, not just in an attempt to break records, but also for the joy of getting together in the name of music.
This would have been the third time that the annual event set a new Guinness World Record, but the numbers were slightly lower than last year's record of 6,346 guitarists.
The man who organized the event, Leszek Cichonski, continues to be astounded by the incredible turnout every time.
When it was first held, back in 2003, 588 people gathered.
He never expected the numbers to reach thousands, but it's clear that the event has become an annual celebration of youth, enthusiasm and love for music.

Thanks to Captain Bernado J. Herzer, the founder and CEO of Lehr, one can save the environment while gardening.
His company perfected and now sells a propane-powered line of garden equipment, including the Eco Mower, the Eco Trimmer and the Eco Blower.
An average gasoline-powered lawnmower used for an hour can produce the same amount of pollution as a car driven for around 500 kilometers.
Captain Herzer spent years experimenting with propane as a safer and greener alternative fuel, and launched his company in 2004.
The Environmental Protection Agency presented Lehr with the Clean Air Excellence award last year for their achievements.
The small, 16.4 ounce propane canisters used to power the green engines in Lehr's products are available just about everywhere.
Each costs around 3 US dollars, and it can keep a lawnmower operating for more than 90 minutes.
Clearly, it's a more convenient and cheaper alternative to gasoline.

Over in the city of Bangalore in India, a hostel for pet dogs with excellent services and nominal charges is earning the nod of approval from many pet owners.
Vinay Srinivas, a dog lover himself, came up with the idea, and quickly hit the drawing board.
He used clay tiles and wood to create kennels that measure seven feet by seven feet, so that his guests will have plenty of space to play around.
Each kennel is equipped with individual sanitation facilities and exhausts, so that it remains fresh and free of bad odor.
Food, bathing and many other services are provided to the pet dogs that stay there.
Srinivas said that the pets adjust and feel right at home after their first meal at the kennel.
His hostel has been running smoothly for over eight months.
Daniel Choy, Arirang News.
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