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New Strain of Rice Could Substitute Wheat Flour in Baking Industry Updated: 2010-04-03 00:00:00 KST

A domestic research team has successfully created a new type of rice enabling farmers to yield 25 percent more in their crops.
This new "super- rice" is not only capable of increasing production for farmers but also can substitute wheat in the baking industry.
In order to make bread or any type of biscuit wheat flour is mainly used as it is a rich source of glutens.
Rice also contains gluten but the composite differs from that of wheat flour which gives kneaded dough its elasticity.
However, this new form of rice contains enzymes called Transglutaminase which can substitute gluten. and allow baked products made with it to leaven and have chewiness.

[Interview : Kim Jung-gon, Rural Development Administration Director] "We have managed to come up with a way to add enzymes called Transglutaminase to rice which can substitute gluten and allow rice to be used to bake bread and biscuits."

Bread and doughnuts made with the new rice are moist and tender and have a better taste than ordinary baked bread made out of wheat flour.
Scientists also believe that baked products made with the new rice will be easier on consumers' stomachs.

[Interview : Kang Dong-oh, Bakery owner] "Since Koreans have been consuming rice for nearly 5-thousand years baked products made out of this new form of rice are very easy on our stomachs and also have a good aftertaste."

New inventions and horticultural technologies like the "super-rice" are expected to boost the consumption of rice which could go on to increase household income in rural areas.
Yang Ji-woo, Arirang News.
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