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Korean food and flavors becoming everyday food choices in global cities Updated: 2022-09-16 05:11:17 KST

K-Food, or Korean food, has become a global brand.
From bulgogi and rice bowls topped with multicoloured veggies and proteins to Korean twists to cream-based dishes and snack foods like hot dogs, K-Food comprises not only Korean cuisine but surprising combinations of vibrant flavours and chromatic ingredients in both traditional and fusion dishes.
But the trend is going beyond the novelty factor for foodies.
K-Food is now expanding as an everyday option for global city dwellers, as some of the most popular Korean foods are becoming mainstream in the world's largest cities.
We take a look at this phenomenon with Kyle Yooshin Kim, resident of Toronto working as a Contract and Procurement Specialist at the Minto Group. We also have Christine Yacoub, MBA, Marketing Manager at Myungrang America which launched Korean hotdogs in the U.S. market

1. Kyle: I hear that Toronto is one of the best places in North America to try diverse Korean foods where's the go-to spot in the city?

2. Christine: Myung Rang Hot Dog has been spotlighted as one of California's hottest street food trends. It's quite surprising as some of the ingredients are a little unorthodox for the American consumer. What was the initial reaction to ingredients like black squid ink?

3. Kyle: You moved to Toronto two years ago have you noticed a growing appetite for Korean food there?

4. It seems in many major cities, Korean food is becoming more appreciated in its authentic form, than the adapted localised version. Would you agree with this?

5. Christine: What made your company jump into the U.S. market, and how did you build your brand?

6. Christine: Myungrang Hotdog has come a long way from the first store that opened in Busan years ago, now having expanded into the UK as well. What is uniquely Korean about Myungrang hotdogs that makes it different from the usual hotdogs that come to mind and the slight adaptations of it?

7. Kyle: What do you think it is about Korean food that appeals to a population as diverse as in Toronto?

8. Christine: It's surprising that you were able to sell your product to Americans who arguably invented the hotdog. What was it about Korean hotdogs or corn dogs that appealed widely to U.S. foodies?

9. Christine: Which flavors are the most popular? Do preferences differ by region or demographics in the U.S.?

10. Kyle: As a travel blogger and foodie, what are some top K-foods you'd recommend for anyone visiting Canada?

That was Kyle Yooshin Kim, resident of Toronto and Christine Yacoub at Myungrang America joining us this morning. Thank you for your time.
Reporter : osy@arirang.com
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