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Post-holiday syndrome during Chuseok and ways to handle it Updated: 2014-09-11 06:33:01 KST

Five days off thanks to Chuseok and the extended holiday.
But, for some that's not necessarily good news… because it actually means additional work and stress.
Post-holiday syndrome, a temporary physical and mental condition, affects plenty of women in Korea after the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays.
In particular, daughters-in-law suffer from preparing large amounts of traditional ritual food.
Women complain of migraines, backache, muscle pain, nausea, loss of appetite, digestive disorders, and many more ailments.
Carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful nerve condition that affects the wrist, is another common complaint.
According to the Insurance Review and Assessment Service, 78 percent of carpal tunnel syndrome patients in 2013 were women.
Doctors say making the same food with the same repetitive motions should be avoided, and taking a break every now and again is recommended.
Stress is another part of the syndrome.
There's an unending list of chores to complete and the misery is often compounded by nagging mothers-in-law and family members' nonchalant attitude.
Psychologists say acknowledging the woman's efforts, splitting up the work, and thanking them helps a lot.

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"Giving gifts, or a vacation to the wife would be a way to thank them, but the best solution is for the husband to tell them that they know how much stress their wife is coping with and to show them repetitively that they are sorry and thankful by words and actions."

It's not only women suffering from the holiday syndrome.
Men complain of physical pain due to hours of driving at a snail-pace on the highways as well as the stress of being the mediator between their wives and mothers.
Children can feel it too, from eating too much high-calorie food to not getting enough sleep.
This means mutual understanding among family members is a must to enjoy the real purpose of family gatherings like Chuseok.
Kwon Soa, Arirang News.
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